Equip “Cupu”? Here are 4 Ways to Upgrade Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Weapons

Weapon upgrades or upgrading weapons, has become commonplace in various RPG games. In addition, Ragnarok M also has a system upgrading weapons This.

Ragnarok M has a system upgrading weaponshis own. In general, upgrades done in Blacksmithsi.e. NPC weapon forger or armor to improve abilities equipment items the.

Ragnarok M has various types upgrades for each items-his. What’s that like? Let’s check here!

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1. Refinements

weapon upgrades

Refinement Attack, different from ordinary Attack. Refinement Attack in its nature puredamage or kind damage which is truly pure without being reduced by numbers defense enemy.

Refinement requires items material called Oridecon. The amount needed for Oridecon increases according to the level of refinement that has been carried out.

Don’t expect Refinement to run smoothly 100%, because you can fail to Refinement if your weapon already has +4 Refinement.

Don’t worry, how come you can do a 100% successful Refinement using the Safe method. It’s just that you need more materials to do this safe Refinement.

2. Enhancements

weapon upgrades

Unlike refinement. Enhancement is a way to add value attacks base. Usually an increase in value attacks not so big and according to your level, which means you can do Enhancement equipment items as high as your maximum level.

Enhancement does not require any material except the zeny you have. You also don’t need to worry about failing, because 100% Enhancement will surely succeed.

3. Enchantments

weapon upgrades

Hey, look, this is different you know yes with Enhancements. Enchantment no enhancement attribute that already exists in equipment items you, but addition certain attributes randomly to equip what you have.

How to do Enchantment is quite different. You didn’t come to the NPC blacksmithsbut rather came to one cat NPC enchanter in the town of Geffen at 12 o’clock.

To do the Enchantment, you must first carry out the cat’s mission. There are 3 types of enchantments, Beginner Enchantments, Intermediate Enchantments and Advanced Enchantments.

The higher the Enchantment, the higher the attribute status obtained, and the more materials needed.

To do an enchantment, you need a certain amount of zeny and Mora Coin, according to the level of the enchantment you are doing.

4. Tier Upgrades

weapon upgrades

Another one is upgrading the Tier. This method only applies to equip items certain, as an example items Weapons of Gakkung Bow that can be used upgrade tiersits up to be items a different one, named Malang Crab Bow.

when done upgrade tiersyou are not coming to the NPC blacksmithsbut can directly upgrades via menus inventory You.

It’s just, when it will be made items new, you have to come to a certain NPC to do upgrades tier the weapon.

A little note, not only weapons that have a system like this. Items others, like armor and accessories also have a system like this.

So, there are various ways to do it Weapon Upgrades which is in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Later, don’t be confused again when you are going to do it weapon upgrades!

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