Is the Future of the Gaming Industry in Cloud Gaming?

Cloudgaming or what is commonly known as gaming on demand allows you to play games through an internet connection with any device without having to own hardware or high specs local copy from the game itself.

The game industry is one of the entertainment industries that is getting bigger every year. The more sophisticated the supporting technology, the more the way gamers in playing the game changes.

In fact, games used to be played in a form arcades located in an outdoor shopping or entertainment area. Then, presence console bringing games can be played right from home. As technology develops, support Internet making distance is no longer a problem in playing the game.

The question now is in which direction will the game industry go?

There’s only one answer, cloud gaming. Never heard of the term cloud gaming? If you are confused, imagine when you access the Netflix or Spotify service, but the content is video games. That’s cloud gaming.

How to work cloud gaming?

All game computing processes are carried out by the server as long as the device is connected to the internet. The job your device just does stream gameplay videos and sends inputs control to serversso you don’t have to worry about problems graphics cardRAM, generated heat, and other issues.

By using fixed broadband subscribe to 10Mbps (which usually yields speed actual downloads minimum 4 Mbps), you can play the available games smoothly.

History cloud gaming

Draft cloud gaming will always relate online streaming. Steam was one of the pioneers in introducing the concept stream through a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation where users can purchase and run games on it.

But the first implementation of the service cloud gaming launched by the G-cluster in 2004 for the Japanese market. The G-cluster itself has demonstrated the technology cloud gaming at E3 in 2000 being able to access game services via Wi-Fi from the device.

Game developers Crytek has also researched the system cloud gaming in 2005 for Crysis, but in 2007 development was stopped because at that time the infrastructure was not yet supportive.

Then, the United States introduced its first service in 2010 through OnLive which allowed users to rent or demonstrate games without installing them on their devices.

Unfortunately, at that time the infrastructure and service support were still uneven, especially for internet speed and latency.

OnLive lasted only two years and eventually sold most of its technology to Sony who also purchased a similar service, Gaikai in 2012 and used the technology to develop their streaming product now known as PlayStation Now.

Besides Steam, online streaming also introduced by EA through Origin as platforms game that allows users to buy games for PC and mobile.

Next door competitor, Microsoft also presents Xbox Play Anywhere where gamers can access games with certain titles that are on the Xbox server and also connected to Windows.

Furthermore there is GeForce NOW as cloud game streaming offered by NVIDIA which was launched on October 1, 2015. Then, comes Nvidia GRID as Nvidia’s latest creation targeting the cloud gaming in particular.

Google enliven the service streaming games which cooperates with Ubisfot through project streams on October 1, 2023.

Lastly, Microsoft also made it official xCloud project on October 8, 2023 as the future of the gaming world uses the service cloud computing they are Azure.

Cloudgaming in the future

See how Blizzard has swerved to deliver the game Diablo: Immortal in mobile. Even though the Diablo series is known to be thick and solid because it presents high graphics and must be played on platforms PC or console.

Or Epic Games which allows it Fortnite playable throughout platforms using features cross-platform hers. There are no more restrictions in playing the game itself.

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Same as mobile gaming which has a growing game market where games can be played by billions of people around the world through smartphones And tablet, cloud gaming potentially expanding the game market to play premium games that can be accessed from any device.

All game developers also definitely aware that gaming is not a cheap hobby because gamers must buy console and the game itself. Then, PCs offer higher quality but demand higher costs as well.

It’s exactly as Microsoft said that the future of gaming is a world where you can play the game you want, with the people you want, whenever, wherever you are, and on any device you choose.

Then, how is the development cloud gaming in Indonesia itself?

So far, EMAGO and Skyegrid have been present in Indonesia. EMAGO is platforms service stream to play games on cloud born from the program startups digital PT Telkom Indonesia, Digital Amoeba.

The price for subscribing to EMAGO amounts to the type of package taken, starting from IDR 50,000 to IDR 150,000. By paying for the package subscription this, you get unlimited time to access the game on libraries EMAGO for 30 days.

Currently the EMAGO platform supports PCs/Laptops with the Windows 7 operating system (or later) with an Intel Processor GPU.

Several game titles that can be played at EMAGO such as Dirt Rally, WRC 6, Redout, Red Faction, Star Wars 3, Grid, Moto GP15, Dark Siders, and SW Force.

Meanwhile, Skyegrid is a service streaming games based multi-platform cloud. Much like EMAGO, you can play hundreds of PC games available on the Skyegrid shelf via platforms which has been supported as long as it is connected to the internet.

The games are not emulated or installed on the device, so there is no download or update process. Some of the platforms that currently support Skyegrid are Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit), Chrome, and Android.

The subscription price for Skyegrid itself is Rp. 179,000 per month which can be paid via Doku and Paypal with a credit card account or a cooperating bank.

For game titles, Skyegrid is superior because it has more than 100 games that will continue to be updated every month. Currently, you can play the most popular games such as Dota 2, GTA V, Paladins, PUBG, Team Fortress 2, and many other licensed indie games.

There are also games that require you to purchase them first on Steam which can later be accessed using a platform that supports Skyegrid (including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Smart TV).

In essence, presence cloud gaming making the gaming experience simpler as you don’t need to download or install the game first. Game content will be processed by servers and then in-streams directly to device.

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