This is how to make Arrow Element Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Feel that your Hunter character is weak in attack? Maybe it’s because you don’t play Arrow Element, where your Hunter’s attacks have certain elements that are weak against certain monsters.

Basically, the game Ragnarok M has an element system, namely additional attributes that can become strengths or even weaknesses in each character.

For example, a Metaller monster with a fire element will be weak against ice/water attacks. Mantis that has the element of earth (earth), it will be weak against fire attacks.

Fortunately Hunter has its own advantages, namely being able to use the Arrow Element to launch elemental attacks, which will help you do so grinding quickly and more time efficiently.

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How to Make Arrow Elements?

arrow elements

You can get Arrow Element in various ways, the easiest way is to buy it at the Item Shop called Fire Arrow at a price of 3,000 zeny for 500 arrows.

Unfortunately, the Item Shop does not have an Arrow element with other elements. Then how? That is, you can visit the two NPCs in the city of Payon.

Visit the city of Payon, you can walk or teleport according to your preference, for me it’s better to teleport. Then, visit the two NPCs at 1 o’clock. These NPCs are wearing Hunter and Archer outfits. You just have to talk to the NPC.

If you want to make 10,000 arrows, then all you have to do is talk to the NPC wearing Hunter clothes (left), whereas if you want to make 1000 arrows once, all you have to do is talk to the NPC wearing Archer clothes (right).

Every 1000 arrows, you must provide one items. For example, if you want to make a Fire Arrow, then you must provide one items named Flame Heart. Items this can be obtained from drop Metaller which is quite easy to get.

You can also make arrows with other elements, like if you want to make an Earth Arrow, then you need items named Great Nature.

So that’s how to make it items Arrow Element which makes your Hunter character stronger. If you want to make a Hunter type Falcon or type trapmaybe you don’t need this.

But for Hunters/Snipers who are of the AD or ADL type, having Arrow elements is mandatory!

arrow elements

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