The Rise of Battle Royale as the Most Popular Game Genre of the Century

Game with the battle royale genre nothing new. genres it’s already showing through mods for the game online survival like Minecraft And ARMA 2before being popularized by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds And Fortnite Battle Royales.

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No half-hearted, reported from Newzoo there are at least 30.1% gamers who played the game with the battle royale genre in platforms PC during February 2023. Not counting users console And mobile. This data will increase if it is summarized throughout 2023.

Even the number of views on streaming platforms favorites like YouTube and Twitch are also dominated by games battle royale. No doubt, battle royale is the most popular game genre of this century.

Then, what to make battle royale is it popular? Check out the reviews below.

Blending elements survival And shooter

Game battle royale is genres which combines elements of the game survival And shooter where you can do area exploration folder to do scavenging like a gun, armorAnd consumable items. You must survive to the end of the game and become last man standing.

Battle royale also usually involves a large number of players. At the start of the game you will jump from the plane to plunge into a certain area while moving towards the circle as a safe area in folder and avoid the zone outside the circle.

genres it became famous after adopting the film Battle Royale from Japan in 2000 and Hollywood movies The Hunger Games in 2012 which presents a similar theme where all participants will compete with each other to avoid the zone folder which is shrinking to continue to survive.

“Battle royale games focus on a few specific elements of survival and shooter games and blend them into a quick, fun-to-play, and fun-to-watch gaming experience with endless replay ability options” -Jelle Kooistra, Head of Market Analysts Newzoo

Mix of elements survival And shooter this makes a game battle royale interesting to watch and play because of its highly competitive nature. You can play for solos, duos, until squad.

Gameplay simple one

Playing games battle royale very simple, don’t die. You don’t need to score points, take the flag in the enemy area. You don’t even have to kill enemies as long as you can be the last survivor.

With gameplay this simple, battle royale can be played by anyone be it children, teenagers, to adults. Battle royale also more exciting if played together with good friends duos or squad.

PUBG and Fortnite are not battle royale The first

If you consider that PUBG And Fortnite is the original version of the game battle royale then not quite right. But if it is considered that they are the ones who make the battle royale genre this is my favourite, 100% true.

Minecraft is one of the first games to introduce survival game in the game industry. Shortly after The Hunger Games release, Minecraft features a game mode Survival Games where players will compete with each other to survive by destroying each other’s opponents.

Then, there is DayZ (2013), mods for the game first-person shooter Arman 2. More and more mods are popping up due to the demands of players who want to enhance the more competitive PvP elements.

Wildcard Studios is also developing battle royale on the gym Ark: Survival Evolved at the end of 2015 known as the title ARK: Survival of the Fittest.

Meanwhile, H1Z1 also one of the pioneers battle royale by title H1Z1: King of the Kill. The Daybreak Game Company enlisted the help of Brendan Greene as designer games. This version was later renamed H1Z1 just.

After completing the project, Brendan Greene, together with Bluehole Studios, began to develop his own version, namely PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround (PUBG). PUBG managed to shift CS:GO And Dota 2 as the most popular game on Steam.

Seeing the success of PUBG, Epic Games previously launched Fortnite Save the World the PvE version jumps right into action Fornite Battle Royale which was done in just two months in September 2023. Fortnite managed to gain popularity, especially since the game can be played for free.

Playable in all platforms

Game battle royale is the only one genres a game that targets all platforms. Just see how Fortnite can be played on platforms starting from PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, Android, iOS, and Switch.

PUBG which was originally playable on PC and is available exclusively on console Xbox One will soon visit PS4. PUBG Mobile also present at mobile platforms.

Popular game titles such as Call of Duty And battlefield also contributes to hegemony battle royale. Besides PUBG And Fortnite, mobile platforms also has Knives Out, Free Fire, Rules of SurvivalAnd Glorious Mission.

The presence of various game titles that carry battle royale in all platforms thus making it easy to play.

Powered by era stream

Fast internet support now makes stream is a normal thing for someone to do gamers. As you know that we live in the viewing era streaming gamers very popular like on YouTube and Twitch.

Stream also allows the audience to engage with hosts or gamers who do stream in a manner real-time. Game battle royale whose fast-paced, competitive game features dominate almost everything streaming platforms.

Ninjas, one streamers professional once broke the record with the most views on Twitch when he played Fortnite with one of the famous artist, Drake.

Those are some reasons why battle royale is genres the most popular game of the century. According to you, genres what game can shift hegemony battle royale?

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