Eternal Love that is suitable for your character’s job

Pets in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love are indeed very useful. Besides you can be accompanied by Pet on adventures and hunting monsters, you can also order your Pet various things.

Pet Ragnarok M can be asked to work, which in the future all the hard work of the Pet will be given to its master.

Apart from that, you can also order your Pet to go on an adventure on their own, commonly called a Pet Adventure.

Even so, you can still invite your pet to accompany you to do it hunting together.

So, this time we will discuss which Pet Ragnarok M is suitable for your character to do hunting. Come on, let’s talk about it check it out!

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1. Poring

pet ragnarok m

Poring is a pet that everyone should have at least one. This pet is indeed what people will get after running quests early to get a pet.

Poring has an attack ability called Ball Attack. This attack will give damage by 400% of Pet status to monsters or enemies that have damage melee.

Basically, Poring is indeed a weak monster to fight with or hunting, however Poring suits all job character.

2. Lunatics

Lunatic is the second easiest pet to get. This is because the price of food is still relatively cheap.

Lunatic is a white rabbit-shaped pet, and has an attack called Soul Strike, which is an attack that releases energy magic to the enemy.

This attack is quite deadly because it gives damage which is big enough. Especially if you have a character with a type attack magicLunatic will have damage even bigger.

Lunatic is perfect for characters that have attacks magic such as Wizards, Priests and so on.

This is because Lunatic has buff increases Refine Magic Attack and Max SP which is needed by characters who have attacks magic.

3. Yoyos

Yoyo is a pet with the shape of an animal like a monkey. This pet is in the easy category because the price of the food is quite cheap.

Yoyo has a Throw Rocks attack that delivers damage to enemies with type attacks range.

Yoyo is suitable for characters who need attack speed such as Assassin or Hunter because it is available buff which increases max attack speed by 5%.

4. Desert Wolf Baby

As the name implies, this pet is in the form of an animal like a baby wolf. This pet is included in the middle class because the price of food is also quite expensive.

Desert Wolf Baby has a Tearing Hard attack that delivers damage by 500%.

It is suitable for DPS type characters because Desert Wolf Baby also provides buff Ignore Def by 5%, and 10% increases MaxHP.

5. Mandragora Seed

A quite unique pet, a Mandragora monster but has something like a propeller above its head which is actually a leaf.

The Mandragora Seed is quite expensive for food and quite difficult to catch because it requires a lot items.

Mandragora Seed is suitable for characters who play Crit type because it is available buff Add Crit by 10.

Mandragora Seed also provides additional buff Mdef of 40.

6. Isis

Isis is a pet in the form of a woman with a half snake body and is classified as an expensive pet because of the price item-its also expensive.

Isis is very suitable to be carried by Wizard or Priest characters who have a long Casting Time. In addition, Isis also delivers bonus addition healing skills by 5%.

7. Savage Baby

A pet that looks like a baby pig. Baby Savage is a pet that is relatively easy because the price of food is quite cheap, and doesn’t require a lot of materials.

Baby Savage is suitable for characters with attacks melee for having buff increases Refine Atk by 10 and Def by 40.

8. Green Petite

Pet that has a shape like a green dinosaur. This pet is also quite expensive because of the price of food.

Green Petite is perfect for the Priest character because this Pet gives you buff to improve abilities heal by 5% and an increase in SP by 5%.

9. Sohee

Sohee is a pet in the form of a woman who is actually a ghost. Sohee is a relatively expensive pet because it is items for fishing Sohee is also expensive.

Especially, items This can only be obtained from drop Endless Towers.

Sohee has an attack magic Ice Arrow with elements water. Sohee has a deadly attack, especially if the enemy has a fire element.

Sohee is perfect for the Wizard character because she has buff increases 40 M.Atk and 10% SP.

10. Deviruchi

Deviruchi is a pet with the shape of a monster like a small black devil and is an expensive pet.

Deviruchi has a Dark Invasion attack that delivers damage with elements dark.

Deviruchi is perfect for Assassin or Hunter characters because it gives the effect of adding Atk of 40 and Flee of 10.

11.Baphomet Jr.

Maybe this is the most expensive Pet ever because items for fishing it has the most expensive and rare price, because it can only be obtained from drop in the Endless Towers.

Baphomet Jr. including the strongest Pet because the attack Sonic Blow can give 800% damage as well as possibilities stun by 12%, for 1.5 seconds.

Baphomet Jr. very suitable for Assassin or Hunter characters who really use Crit attacks, because Baphomet Jr. give buff Crit.dmg by 5% and Movement Speed ​​by 5%.

So now you know what Pet Ragnarok M you have to catch with the type of character job you have? So don’t be confused anymore!

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