Eternal Love? Consider These 4 Things!

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when we search items in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, there are 2 ways to get it namely farming items or buy at NPC, including NPC Exchange.

If we do farming items, we automatically hunt monsters. Sometimes there are times when we are hard to get items because of several reasons, we end up buying directly from the NPC or from the NPC Exchange.

So this time we will discuss what are our considerations in choosing whether farming items just or should i just buy it? Come on check it out!

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1. Which Takes Longer?

farming items

The short word is time. Consider which thing is longer we will get itemsis farming items or buy?

Yeah obviously buying that is quicker, it’s just do we have the zeny to buy it? If not, how long does it take to find zeny?

If it turns out that searching for zeny is longer than that farming directly. Yes, just choose farming by hunting monsters. If you have enough money, then buy it.

2. Price

farming items

Yes, it can’t be denied either, price is one of the factors to consider whether we farming items it or just buy it.

In the early days, usually the price items some tend to be expensive. This is because items Those that are sold are still rare because the players haven’t gotten that far into the areas designated for high-level characters.

The way we can figure this out, we’d better wait a day or two. If it turns out the price items it continues to fall, of course it’s good to buy but wait for the price to drop first.

If it turns out the price is too expensive, at least we try first to farming conventionally.

3. Should You Fight the Boss or Not

farming items

Sometimes there is items which can only be obtained by defeating MVP and Miniboss bosses.

If you find that your character is not strong enough to fight the boss, of course this will be very difficult, then the choice is to buy items it is the best decision.

If it turns out to be strong enough or it turns out items What you are looking for can also be obtained in other ways, so just do it hunting.

Or, you can take advantage of the Endless Tower feature in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love to get items your aim of MVP or Mini Boss there!

4. How to Get Alternatives

farming items

Sometimes there are too items which can be obtained in alternative ways, namely obtained from Rift or even Pet Adventure.

How to get this alternative is even easier to do without having to bother doing it hunting monsters.

If you find there’s a way to get it alternatively, go for it hunting. If not, it’s okay to buy.


We’ve covered 4 things to consider when we’re looking items. The following is a conclusion from the factors above

Do Farming Items if:

  • Quick to get
  • The price is too expensive
  • No need to fight the boss
  • It can be obtained from Rift, Pet Adventure or even Endless Tower.

Make a Purchase if:

  • Long to search items
  • Your Zeny is enough to buy it
  • You have to fight a boss that’s hard to fight
  • Cannot be obtained from Rifts, Pet Adventures and so on

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