CS:GO Battle Royale and Free-to-play (F2P), What’s the Fate of Those Who Have Purchased?

Shocking news came from Valve, that one of their flagship games has a mode battle royale. That’s right, CS:GO battle royale being one of the modes present in their flagship game.

CS:GO battle royale instead of turning the game entirely into a game battle royalebut added one game mode battle royale. You also don’t have to worry because the usual game mode, the battle between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, is still present.

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1. CS:GO Becomes Free-to-play (F2P)

cs:go battle royale

What’s even more surprising, apart from CS: GO battle royale it turns out that Valve decided to change its business model to F2P or which means it’s free to play, so for those of you who have never experienced playing CS:GO, you can now play it for free.

Previously, CS: GO was indeed sold at a certain price. CS:GO has also been repeatedly sold in packages by Valve, along with other Counter Strike series games.

Then what is the fate of the gamers who already bought CS:GO before it was free?

2. Prime Status

cs:go battle royale

Luckily Valve still loves the gamers old loyalist to play CS:GO. For those of you who have already bought CS:GO, even from the first time it was released, the price is still “exorbitant”, you will get a premium feature.

This premium feature makes you get various bonuses, one of which is submachine gun skins which used to be available for $15. Besides that, you will also get other bonuses, such as items exclusive, drop exclusives and so on that can only be obtained by Prime players.

3. Prime Players Will Meet Prime Players Again

cs:go battle royale

The concern that often occurs is the number ofnewbie” who often attends various F2P games. the “newbie” This is often considered disturbing because the way he plays is really not good at it, in the end it actually lowers rank because it is considered as the cause of defeat.

Fortunately Valve has thought about this problem. Prime players won’t meet non-Prime players, so you don’t have to worry about meeting up with “newbiethe non-Prime is just dabbling in the game.

One interesting thing is that it turned out that Valve made a decision that was truly unexpected. Of course there are those who think that Valve’s move destroyed CS:GO, there are also those who actually fully support Valve’s move towards CS:GO.

It’s just that with this new mode, it shows that the market battle royale it looks like it will indeed be a crowded and very common market.

What do you think about Valve’s move to make CS:GO free? Come on comment below.

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