Quick Ways to Increase Adventure Level in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

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Adventure Level is one of the new features in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. People often ignore this feature even though this feature has a very important role.

Adventure Level is very useful for you to get various Adventure Skills which are very useful for you adventuring, but there is also an element of “funin it, like skills Hand in Hand to be able to hold hands with your partner.

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To get these various skills, of course you have to increase your Adventure Level first. So in this article, we will discuss a quick way to increase Adventure Level. Yes, let’s go straight to us check it out!

1. There’s a Monster, Take a Photo First!

Adventure Level

Well, even I often forget to do this. When you meet a monster, don’t rush to attack it. Just approach first, then photograph the monster. You can take a photo wefie or just photographing the monster alone.

Every time you take a picture of a monster you encounter, apart from adding exp you will also get detailed information on the monster. Pretty useful right?

2. Make Cooking a Hobby

Remember, this cooking feature is very important, you know! Every time you cook a new dish, you will get exp for the Adventure level.

Apart from that, of course you will get other benefits, namely increasing your cooking level, and the cooking can also provide buff very useful to help you hunting.

3. Leaf of Yggdrasil

Adventure Level

Don’t underestimate it items This. Leaf of Yggdrasil has the effect of bringing your dead friends back to life. Sadly items it cannot be used alone.

Even so, you can still take advantage of it items this is to revive your dead friend. Don’t get me wrong, there is achievements with that value every time you turn on a dead player using items This.

Every time you find a player lying down because of death, just revive it with this Leaf of Yggdrasil even though you don’t know it, to quickly raise your Adventure level. Be generous!

4. Diligent Chat

Adventure Level

Party developers always admit that this game is an MMORPG whose aim is to increase friends with features chat-his. It turns out a feature chat this has influence to Adventure level.

Yepthe more diligent you do chatGood chat World, Guild to Private you will get exp for the Adventure level.

5. Don’t Forget the Background Photo

Adventure Level

Eitsit turns out that taking pictures of certain places can also increase the level of Adventure, you know.

Every time you come to a new place, take the time to take photos of various places that have camera signs, spot it is usually used as a place to do wefie or selfies.

Every time you take a picture of that place, you will get exp and also increase it achievements.

So, those are the tips for quickly increasing Adventure Level. Do you have any more effective tips? Share dong!

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