3 Ways to Unlock New Characters in Super Smash Bros. ultimate

Super Smash Bros. ultimate is a game Smash with the highest number of characters. There are a total of 72 characters that you can play with and that number will obviously increase over time.

But when you start playing Super Smash Bros. ultimate, you can only use eight characters. They are Mario, Link, Samus, Pikachu, Yoshi, Kirby, Donkey Kong and Fox McCloud. To be able to use another character, you must first unlock it in one of the three ways below.

World of Light


In World of Light, you will enter a overworld. Starting the game as Kirby, all your friends are captured and controlled by the Spirit of the Master Hand. Your job is obviously to save them.

During the journey you will meet several opponents. The majority of these opponents will give you a new Spirit if you can beat it. After a while you will find encounter face the captured characters. Defeat the opponent then to get the character.


After being defeated, the character will go inside roster characters that you can use in all game modes. Apart from that, you can also use that character in World of Light if you don’t really like using Kirby.

Classic Mode


In Classic Mode, you are asked to choose one of the characters that you have at that time. Your task is to win six fights, passing one bonus stagesand one bossfights.

You can determine the opponent’s difficulty level by sliding the mural starting the journey. Every time you finish a fight, the mural will move and the opponent’s difficulty level will be slightly more difficult.


After completing Classic Mode with one character, you will be challenged by a new character. Beat the character with the character you use in Classic Mode. After that you will get a new character.

Whatever level of difficulty you choose in Classic Mode, you will still be challenged by new characters. So you can save time by choosing the lowest difficulty level and slaughtering all your opponents.

Regular Smash


You can also be challenged by new characters if you play in the regular Smash mode. The game will read how far you run/walk in battle. When you’ve covered enough distance, a new character will challenge you.

There is no exact number of how far to go. But usually two or three regular matches are enough to unlock a new character. Next, just beat the challenging character and get the character.


One thing that’s interesting and that you should anticipate is that even though you can bring up new character challengers in an easy way, the character itself isn’t easy to beat. You may lose once and have to try again. But if you are patient and play smart, sooner or later you will definitely win.

So, have you unlocked all the existing characters?

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