Comparing the Cost of Getting Cards on Artifact and Hearthstone. Which Is More Expensive?

Since before the release, Artifacts has received a lot of criticism from various people. One of the frequent criticisms is the business model that extorts players.

To be able to play Artifacts, you have to buy at a price of IDR 300,000. Not only that, content like cardpack and some game modes can only be accessed by paying to Valve.

Many charge that this business model makes people assume Artifacts is a game whose aim is to extract money from players. Because of that many decide not to buy Artifacts and play other card games that are cheaper and f2p-friendly.

Is it true? Because if you count, get a certain card in Artifacts much cheaper than other free-to-play card games like Hearthstone or Shadowverse. In fact Artifacts has the potential to provide profits to players who cleverly manage their resources.

Cheaper Card Acquisition

Let’s compare the process of acquiring the most expensive cards in Artifacts with Hearthstone. We choose Hearthstone because this game is the pioneer genres and the current card game business model.

Good Artifacts And Hearthstone There are several ways to get the card you want. However, in order to make the comparison fair, we will compare them on the same method, namely paying real money.

In Hearthstoneto get the card, you have to buy cardpack straight from Blizzard. At a price of US $ 1 or around Rp. 14,000 each packyou will get five cards randomly.


The most expensive card you can get at Hearthstone is a card with rarity legendary. This card is quite rare and hard to find cardpack, and what you get may not be what you want. Despite having the same rarity, some Legendaries tend to be more popular and sought after.

Because of this, players usually create the Legendary cards they want using Arcane Dust. To get Arcane Dust, you must destroy (dinchant) cards in your collection.

artifact-hearthstone-1 price comparison

If the contents directly you destroy or dinchantOne Hearthstone card packs on average it will give you around 100 Arcane Dust. Meanwhile, to make one Legendary card, you have to use 1600 Arcane Dust. That means to make one Legendary card you have to open 16 cardpack with a total price of IDR 224,000.

Let’s compare with Artifacts. Same as Hearthstoneyou can buy cardpack to get a new card in Artifacts. For IDR 29,000, you can get 10 random cards.


The most expensive card you can get at Artifacts is Ax, who at the time this article was written had a selling price of IDR 165,000. But again, the odds of getting one specific card from cardpack very small, especially if the card is rare enough.

Besides that, Artifacts don’t have either currency like Arcane Dust. This means the chance to get one specific rare card from cardpack probably much smaller than Hearthstone.


Fortunately Artifacts own open economic model. If you are looking for a specific card, all you have to do is visit the Steam Market and buy the card. So if you want to get an Ax, just buy it on the Steam Market for IDR 165,000.

If using cash, get the card you want on Artifacts much easier in comparison Hearthstone. Granted, over time there will probably be cards on Artifacts which is very expensive. However, there aren’t many cards with exorbitant prices, and the average card in this game has a price that has been friendly so far.

This is not yet discussing potential rewards which is better when doing grinding because of the possibility of selling and buying cards. But we should discuss that in another related article grinding. Anyway We also touched on tips for saving and maximizing profits at Artfacts in another article.

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