How to Complete the Christmas Cake Mission in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Anyone still confused about how to carry out the Christmas Cake mission in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love? Yes, it’s normal if you don’t know at first, because in the game itself it’s not explained how to carry out this mission.

Actually, in carrying out this mission you don’t need to bother, because the Christmas Cake mission is not that complicated, in fact you just have to follow the flow. The rest you will get rewards mission automatically.

Then how?

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Christmas Cake in Gingerbread City

Christmas Cake

Initially you will find a new mission window in place of the active mission list. If you click or tap In the mission window, you will immediately be directed to Gingerbread City.

Once in Gingerbread City, you will find a very large Christmas Cake in the middle of the city. You won’t be able to do anything with the cake other than a dialogue window popping up like talking to an NPC.

So what to do? The real mission is not there, but you have to carry out the mission received by Rudolph who is in the city of Prontera.

Christmas Thief Group

Christmas Cake

Once you arrive at the city of Prontera, you will find an NPC in the form of a red-nosed deer named Rudolph.

After that talk to the deer, just follow the flow of the dialogue. After that you will get a ticket to watch a circus show at Gingerbread City.

If you have spoken to Rudolph, you are required to go to Gingerbread City. Once in Gingerbread City, immediately head towards 12 o’clock from where the Christmas cake is in the middle of town. You will find a clown NPC named Dobby.

Christmas Cake

After that he will ask 3 questions regarding Rudolph’s characteristics. The question is very easy, namely, “What animal is Rudolph? , How many horns does Rudolph have? and what color is Rudolph’s nose?”.

If it’s true, you will teleport to the circus show and you will watch the circus show. Just follow the plot, then you will get a prize in the form of a Rudolph Mysterious Box.

You can only do this mission in one day and the mission will change the next day.

Christmas Cake

How about Christmas Cake?

So what does this mission have to do with Christmas cookies in Gingerbread City? Of course there is a connection!

If you succeed in carrying out the Christmas Thief Group mission, then you will add bar meters in the Christmas Cake mission. If fully charged, you will get a prize in the form of a Rudolph Mystery Box.

Christmas Cake

Maybe you are wondering, how to fulfill bar meters to full when only slightly filled? The trick is to invite friends, Guild members or even players you don’t know to carry out the mission. The more players who complete the Christmas Thief Group mission, the more it will increase too bar meters on the christmas cake mission.

How, what do you get? here from the Rudolph Mysterious Box?

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