6 Esports Games Present at the 2023 SEA Games, from Mobile Legends to Tekken 7

Do you still remember the 2023 Asian Games which were held in Indonesia yesterday? Similar to the 2023 Asian Games yesterday, game esports which has been eagerly awaited by gamers will be attending to enliven the 2023 SEA Games later!

Esports It is indeed very eagerly awaited to be a part of a sports competition. Maybe for ordinary people entry video games being a sport is quite strange.

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Usually ordinary people think that there is no physical activity when playing games. If that’s the case, then certain games like chess and billiards can’t be one of the sports, because both don’t rely on physicality as a whole.

SEA Games 2023 with Esports

esports game

At the 2023 Asian Games, there were several games that were used as branch competitions esports. These games include Arena of Valor (AOV), Clash Royale, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Pro Evolution Soccer and Starcraft II.

Asian Games 2023 esports not to fight for medals but only for exhibitions or probation. In contrast, the 2023 SEA Games provided 6 gold medals for champions in sports esports. Which means branch esports the 2023 SEA Games will be a serious sport.

Matched Games

esports game

Game esports which will be contested at the 2023 SEA Games will present several games that were not present at the 2023 Asian Games. Later there will be 3 categories in the 2023 SEA Games for sports esportsthat is consolePCs and mobile. Each category has two game titles. What are they? Check below!

1. PC

2. Consoles

3. Mobile

  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • Arena of Valor (AOV)

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