Colt Brawl Stars Guide, Brawler in the Handsome Sheriff’s Style

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Yes, it’s called a shooting game, of course there is one character who has a weapon in the form of revolvers. Yep that’s Colt, the Brawler with style sheriff quite handsome.

Colt is one of the Brawlers that has a medium attack range. The attack mechanism is perpendicular, so you need good accuracy to optimize the attack.

So, this time we will discuss Colt, which previously discussed Bull, a Brawler who is very strong at close range. Yes, let’s just talk about this Colt.

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1. Characteristics of Colt


The sheriff indeed the standard of mid-range Brawlers. Characteristics of mid-range Brawler is suitable in all fields, can be close and even long distances.

The resulting attacks from Colt are relatively small, namely 300 damage one projectile at level one. It’s just that, he will fire 6 projectiles at a time. If you can hit all the projectiles, then you will earn damage of 1,800.

The super attack is also very deadly, namely shooting 12 projectiles with damage which is almost the same as a normal attack.

It’s just that, this projectile can penetrate and destroy walls, so you can fire this attack at enemies without having to think about any obstacles ahead.

2. Need High Accuracy


Need calculations to be able to fire projectiles by sheriff this hit the enemy. The fired projectile is not one and gives damage big, but a lot.

The hard thing is getting all the projectiles right on the enemy. One trick to be able to do this is to get closer to the enemy. Of course approaching the enemy is like a double-edged sword, you can defeat the enemy or vice versa.

Another trick so that your attacks are on target, don’t aim directly at the enemy because especially if the enemy moves in a turning direction. Aim slightly at the enemy’s front position. Logically, the enemy will head for that position and it is likely that the projectiles fired will hit the enemy,

3. Avoid Grass If there are Enemies with Close Range Brawlers

Several guide articles, especially on the Brawl Stars wiki, suggest using grass to do so cover especially when fighting enemies like Ricochet. It’s just that when there are enemies with melee attacks, immediately avoid the grass!

Colt tends to have a small attack when compared to Brawler which has melee attacks. While the melee type Brawler, often uses grass to get closer to the enemy.

It’s very difficult to defeat them when we meet at close range and suddenly. We will most likely die soon when we meet them in the grass.

4. Always Adapt to the Enemy You Face


Si sheriff it does have attacks that can be used at close range or long range, but you still need a strategy in attacking.

When fighting enemies like Shelly, Bull or El Primo, always try to keep your distance, because Colt’s attacks are quite far away and are not reached by the Brawler types as mentioned above.

When you find an enemy whose attack type is throwing like Barley, try to get closer because it’s quite difficult for them to attack at close range, but you can attack them easily and give them damage the big one.

The Colt has speed reload which is quite short, but also don’t go blindly. Always take it into account when shooting so that attacks can be effective and efficient. When you run out of bullets during a duel, don’t forget that the super attack can be utilized even when the enemy is taking cover.

So, those are the instructions and tips on using the Colt trick. Don’t worry, this Sheriff is quite suitable for beginners, therefore it is one of the rarest types of Brawler. common.

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