Indonesia Can’t Make Cool Games? Try These 5 Local Games on Steam

Who says Indonesia can’t make games? In fact, on Steam alone there are tons of games that are made by local developers. Some have also attracted the attention of many players from around the world, reaping praise and being shown in videos let’s play on YouTube.

There are lots of Indonesian games that you can find on Steam, but here are five worth checking out.



Dreadouts is a horror game where you have to get rid of various spirits by photographing them with the camera. This task is not as easy as you think because each of these spirits has gimmick and the conditions themselves in order to be found or defeated.

Since its first version was released in 2014, Dreadouts well received in the international market. Even famous YouTubers like Pewdiepie have also played this game. No wonder the game went on to get a sequel, ie Dreadout: Keepers of the Dark.

Download Dreadout on Steam – IDR 165,000
Download Dreadout: Keepers of the Dark on Steam – IDR 59,999

UltraSpace Battle Brawl


UltraSpace Battle Brawl is a game brawler with gameplay special. With your chosen character, you have to hit the ball to destroy the opponent’s crystals. Each character has its own uniqueness, both from movements and moves.

This game is perfect for playing with friends. But the game also has single player mode which is quite exciting and suitable for short sessions.

Download Ultra Space Battle Brawl on Steam – IDR 99,900

My Lovely Daughter


In My Lovely Daughteryou have to play as one alchemists who is obsessed with bringing his daughter back to life. The trick is to raise homunculus aka artificial human and killed him, time and time again.

My Lovely Daughter Have gameplay which is quite simple and maybe a little repetitive. But what makes this game interesting is the way it challenges morality and of course the story is very interesting even up to the end.

Download My Lovely Daughter on Steam – IDR 95,999

Infectonator 3: Apocalypse


Infectonator is a series that has been around for a long time and is synonymous with one thing, namely zombies. The same applies to Infectonator 3: Apocalypse. But of course, there are new things that you can find in this game.

In Infectonator 3: Apocalypse you will play as the zombie itself. Your task is to rule the world and bite all humans in existence. As you play, you can also get stronger with various upgrades.

Download Infectonator 3: Apocalypse on Steam – IDR 83,999



Pamali is one of the newer local games released just before the end of 2023. In this game, you will explore a location, whether it’s a house, a cemetery, or mansion.

In general, you have a clear premise and end goal. But throughout the game you can find some objects and interact with them. Depending on what you do throughout the game, you’ll get one of many ending different.

Download Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror on Steam – IDR 149,996

If you have tried all the games above, you can visit link This. In link After that, you will get a list of games made by other developers that you can try.

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