Feeling good and like a challenge? Try These 5 Crazy Games on Steam

Video games are a medium that not only provides entertainment, but also challenges. Some games may have challenges that are not insignificant, aliases that can be faced by all players. But there are some games that are designed with a high level of difficulty. This means that not everyone can play this game easily from the start.

If you are a player who likes challenges or feels you have good playing skills, try these five hard Steam games recommended by Gimbot.

1. Dark Souls series


If we talk about difficult video games, it’s mandatory to include series Dark Souls. Because of its popularity, many games are hard to compare with Dark Souls use parables “Dark Souls of X”

In series Dark Souls, you have to face various monsters either with weapons or magic. What makes this game difficult is that each enemy has an attack pattern that requires good execution so you can beat it.

Download Dark Souls: Remastered on Steam – IDR 420,000
Download Dark Souls II on Steam – IDR 460,000
Download Dark Souls III on Steam – IDR 587,000

2. Celeste


Celeste is a game platformers with simple graphics. But don’t underestimate the challenges this game offers.

each session platformers in Celeste demanding accuracy and precision in jumping and dash. Just a little wrong you die and have to try one more time. Believe me, you will die, hundreds if not thousands of times.

Download Celeste on Steam – IDR 135,999

3. Cupheads


There are two things that make Cupheads become a famous game. The first is the unique graphics. The second is the high level of difficulty. It’s so difficult that many then raise the topic of whether a game should be made difficult for everyone.

In Cupheads, you will face many bosses to take back your stolen soul. Each boss has a variety of attacks that you have to avoid. At the same time you also have to attack the boss to defeat it. Be careful, because if you swallow three attacks, you will have to face the boss from the start.

Download Cuphead on Steam – IDR 135,999

4. The Binding of Isaac series


Initially, The Binding of Isaac cute look. But in an instant the game will become a little dark and scary, both in terms of story and gameplay.

Your task in the series The Binding of Isaac is exploring different similar areas dungeons to run away from your own mother. Each room has a scary enemy that you have to defeat. You can get stronger with various upgrades what you found. But once you die, you have to start from scratch.

Download The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Complete Bundle – IDR 244,997

5. Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy


Okay, the title of this one might be a bit of a joke and has a duration gameplay short one. But make no mistake, this game is difficult to complete.

You are a person with a lower body trapped in a pitcher. With the hammer, you have to jump over various obstacles and climb to the top of a mountain. No obstacles can kill you. It’s just that once you fall you will be thrown very far back, maybe even back to the beginning of the game.

Download Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy on Steam – IDR 59,999

Over time, new hard games will continue to appear on Steam. This means that if you have completed the five games above, there will be another new game that provides a different challenge.

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