Powerful! Here are 5 Ways to Play the Gimbot Version of the Stealth Game

Do you feel difficult when playing the game stealth? Hard to penetrate the opponent’s barricades and in the end die silly? No need to worry because there are five ways to play the game stealth version gimbot for you.

1. Be patient

Patient and bang!!!

Parents say, patience is a good thing and it seems that sentence is very appropriate. Patience is the key to playing the game stealth because no matter how great you are, if you are impatient you will fail.

Patience here is good at waiting for the right moment to finish off your opponent. When a good momentum is created, you can slaughter more than one enemy.

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Patience here is waiting until the enemy really doesn’t see it so that the attacks launched are effective and you don’t waste too much time.

2. Take advantage of existing features and gadgets

3. View Map and Perform Mapping
Look at the map hey!

Keeping an eye on the map and mapping is mandatory if you want to play successfully stealth.

Mini maps are usually in the game and on that map we will see our own movements and enemy movements. By knowing where the enemy is moving, we can prepare a silent surprise attack.

So what about mapping? In certain games, we will usually get additional insights such as Eagle Vision (Assassin’s Creed) And Infra Red (Batman Arkham).

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With this additional vision, it is guaranteed that enemy movements can be known accurately!

4. Watch Out for Sound

Sound can be effective for brushing enemies!!

Sound must be recognized as one of the determining factors whether you can hit the enemy silently or not.

Sound effectiveness makes sound one of the tips on how to play the game stealth version gimbot.

Usually if there is a close enemy, the sound will sound louder. If there is an enemy on the left, the sound will be on our left and vice versa.

Usually sound is really taken seriously in horror-themed games and that can be used as your weapon.

5. Kill Enemies in the Same Way

Source: Instantgaming.com

How to play the game stealth version gimbot the last thing is don’t get tired of spamming and defeating enemies in the same way.

Usually you will be proud because you are considered a coward. But for success, don’t hesitate to do this one way.

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In the same way and the same pattern, you don’t need to bother thinking about defeating your opponent by stealth.

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