Brawl Stars Guide – 3 Tips to Win Matches in the Big Game

Big Game Events is one of the events special in Brawl Stars requiring Tickets to play it. Usually events this will be-rolling with Robot Rumble And Boss Fights at each weekends.

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Big Game itself is done in a 5 vs 1 format played by five Brawlers in normal size (Normal Brawler) against one Brawlers which become Boss with a gigantic size with double the amount of HP and Attack (Boss).

simply put, Normal Brawler must beat Boss as fast as possible within 2 minutes 15 seconds. Whereas, Boss must survive by defeating all five Brawlers existing until the end of time.

There is no guarantee whether you will be Boss or not so you have to be good at using Brawlers that fits well Normal Brawler or Boss. Check out the following tips to help you win the match at Big Game!

1. Tips for playing as a Boss

Boss must survive as long as possible. Let fifth Normal Brawler who come up to you and don’t chase them because their position is for attack and you for Defense.

Focus on killing Brawlers who is closest and if the health is critical, kill it immediately so they will respawn to the first location. Never play all the way to location respawn enemy if you don’t want to lose quickly.

Use bushes for cover and surprise attacks. Avoid being in the middle of the map because enemies can surround you and attack at the same time. Lastly, use type Brawlers which has support like Nita, Pennyor Jessie.

2. Tips for playing as Normal Brawler

attack Boss simultaneously with Brawlers other so give damage successive. If you die and respawnimmediately returned to the site Boss be before time runs out.

If Boss can’t be lured into fighting in the center area, corners Boss to the corner so that the space for movement is narrower and you can attack it freely.

Play attack Area of ​​Effect or AoE using attacks Brawlers remote like Barley, Brock, Dynamike, and others.

3. Use the right Brawler either for Boss or Normal Brawler

Here are some recommendations Brawlers which you can play for Boss And Normal Brawler:


  • Nita – Bear Gets Health & Attack Buffs
  • Jessie – Increased Turret Health
  • Penny – Stronger Cannon & Piercing Attacks

Normal Brawler

  • El Primo – Soak Up The Damage & Hit Multiple Times
  • Frank – Tank With Slow Movement & Attacks
  • Barley – Attack From Behind Obstacles
  • Penny – Super Place Behind Walls
  • Pam – Heal Allies Using Your Super
  • Poco – Support Teammates
All Brawler can become Boss [sumber: YouTube Captain Shiraj]

Those are the tips for winning the game Big Game easily on Brawl Stars. Approximately, you often do Boss or Normal Brawler here?

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