Speed ​​Drifters Guide – 3 Basic Tips to Win a Race

Speed ​​Drifters is a game for all types of players. This racing game from Garena is fun enough to be played by anyone. Just spend five to 10 minutes and you can already get two to three short sessions.

But it’s a different story if you want to play seriously and want to be good at Speed ​​Mode and Ranked Mode. You have to know how to win races, or at least finish in the top three.

In this article, we will outline three basic tips to improve your playing skills Speed ​​Drifters.

Master All Existing Techniques


Despite having simple basic mechanics, Speed ​​Drifters has lots of advanced techniques to maximize your car’s speed on the track. In more competitive situations such as Speed ​​Mode and of course Ranked Mode, maximizing speed is the key to victory. That means you have to know how to do a perfect Drift and how to get as much Mini Boost and Nitro as possible.

If you want to learn all the advanced techniques in this game, you can enter Training Mode. There you can find all the techniques you can learn to become faster and more effective on the track.

Get to Know All the Tracks in the Game


Tracks in Speed ​​Drifters much different from the conventional race track. In addition to many sharp turns, some tracks also have inclines, speed boostand shortcuts.

In order to go quickly and flawlessly, you have to recognize and master each track. That way you know when to save your Nitro for turns and how to maximize each property such as an incline or a shortcut. Otherwise, you may end up crashing into walls a lot and losing speed and momentum. In tight races, especially in Speed ​​Mode, losing speed just once will make you cross easily.

If you want to practice recognizing all the tracks, you can try all the tracks in Training Mode. All tracks, from the easiest to the most difficult, are available complete with optimal techniques that you can use on these tracks.

Upgrades Your Character and Car


The car and character that you play can be you upgrades up to a certain point depending on the level. In order to compete well, upgrades your car and character as fast as possible.

If you are just starting to play, you should determine the mainstay car that you will use in the race. Focus your Tech Point toupgrades the car so that your car has maximum capabilities from the start.

Of course, upgrades requires resources that you have to collect. For how to collect Tech Points and Vouchers, you can read this guide article.

In our opinion be good and win all the races in Spee Drifters it’s not easy. At a high level, each race demands perfect preparation and execution. If not, you will be left behind in an instant and unable to catch up at all.

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