Ahead of the Release of Resident Evil 2 Remake, Here Are 5 Tips for Playing a Horror Game!

Resident Evil 2 Remake is expected to be released on January 25 2023. Of course the games that are in the future demojust got it hype from gamers around the world this will be trending topic.

But according gimbot, Resident Evil 2 Remake completely different from the game Resident Evil other. Here the zombies are tougher, more unpredictable, and the atmosphere is darker.

Therefore, those who want to play it but are afraid, gimbot I have tips for you so you are not afraid to play horror games.

1. Play in the Living Room

What the…

Afraid to play horror games but curious? Just go gas and play in the living room guaranteed to immediately reduce fear.

Playing in the living room especially with a crowded living room will make us lose our fear because the atmosphere that is presented around us is not quiet of course.

If it’s like this, jump scares that is presented in the game also seems to be bland you know. Have a good try.

2. Play during the day

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The most important thing is during the day, the atmosphere tends to be more crowded than at night. For the faint of heart, daylight is the perfect time to play horror games.

3. Jumpscare alert

Watch out for someone peeking!

The biggest fear when playing a horror game is because it exists jump scares. But if we stay alert, surely jump scares it’s not scary anymore and that’s the tips for playing the horror game version gimbot furthermore.

The key is to stay alert and know when jump scares will be present. Usually when the situation is calm, whether the sound or the opponent, that’s where jump scares will appear.

This formula is a classic formula that is often applied in both horror movies and horror games. So if there’s a quiet voice and no enemies, beware!

4. Play while listening to Fun Music

Listen to good music!!

Those of you who are really scared to play a horror game, of course, it’s a good idea to listen to music while playing it.

Sound, be it music or in-game sounds, is one of the truly extraordinary sources of fear in horror games, of course. How could it not be, even though there are no enemies, the sound of a horror game still makes the hairs on our necks still goosebumps.

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The solution is of course to listen to other songs that can make us relax. This solution is quite effective for some people and maybe one of them is you?

5. Fear is natural

I’m afraid I’m afraid..

Most people really can’t accept fear so in the end they always try their best not to be afraid.

But if indeed you are a coward, it’s good to accept that fear. If hit jump scarestry to accept it.

This way you will play without a burden because sooner or later you will be scared again. If you feel you are not strong, take a break and drink.

Then you can resume it when you feel better.

Those are five tips for playing the horror game version gimbot, Happy gaming!

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