Brawl Stars Guide – Ricochet (Rico) So You Can Be Good at Reflecting Bullets!

This Ricochet is quite unique in Brawl Stars by comparison brawler other. Brawlers with the appearance of this robot has an attack that can bounce.

Ricochet comes in a robot look like Barley, for the latest version Ricochet’s name changes to Rico and appears with a more “fat” form. The difference between Barley and Rico is that Barley uses Molotov cocktails, while Rico comes with a bouncing ball gun.

This robot is sufficient tricky used and if you are not used to it it is quite difficult to play it. So, follow the guide below so you can be good at bouncing bullets at enemies! Come on check it out!

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1. Recognize Rico’s Characteristics


If you are used to using Colt, you should also be able to adapt to this robot right away. The attacks that are owned are quite similar, namely shooting several projectiles in large quantities, it’s just that the projectiles that are owned can bounce.

The super attack is also the same, namely a projectile that can bounce. The difference is that all of the projectiles can penetrate the enemy, so the enemy can be hit by the projectile several times if it keeps bouncing in the same place.

Rico’s biggest weakness is his low HP level. If you are not good at avoiding enemy attacks, it will be very easy to be defeated by the enemy. Besides that, you also can’t destroy walls or bulldoze grass. All of his attacks lack this ability.

2. Always Take Advantage of Bounces


As stated above, the projectiles fired by Rico will bounce when they hit even walls super attacksit will also bounce.

Even though it can’t destroy walls, this attack has many sides to “exploit”. When the enemy is taking cover behind a wall, take advantage of the bounce, even Rico’s attacks can get wild when the projectiles keep bouncing.

3. Infinite Super Attack


SuperAttack from Rico also has the opportunity to be unlimited, you know. You can keep shooting SuperAttack without having to shoot with normal attacks. How to?

Try to be all SuperAttack always hit the enemy. Even you will easily get SuperAttack back when the enemies are gathering and you fire SuperAttack and hit all enemies.

The projectile from Rico’s super attack will penetrate the enemy, so it will be very easy full bar from SuperAttack Rico will be back filled.

So that’s the guide when using Rico. Many, you know brawler this is useless. Yet the potential is huge!

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