Annoying, Here Are 5 Ways to Deal with Toxic Mobile Legends Players!

Games that offer competitive features are indeed very exciting, because besides we canunlock a number of rewards offered by the developer when it reaches achievements In particular, we can also hone our playing skills to be even better.

However, one of the weaknesses of the competitive feature in the game is that it is not uncommon for us to encounter players who are “unwise” and in the end make the game filled with “negative aura”, starting from blaming each other (blame) to playing carelessly (throwing).

It’s things like this that ultimately make the term player toxic appear. Become one of the games mobile The most popular MOBA, create Mobile Legends also filled with players toxic.

Maybe you’ve ever wondered, how do you deal with players Toxic Mobile Legends? Come on, let’s talk about it!


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For those of you who don’t know, this is a term for players who like to talk incoherently while in a game. Not a few also from the perpetrators trashtalker this utters words that are a little sensitive and smell of SARA.

If you meet players Toxic Mobile Legends with a person like this, you just don’t respond or use the feature muted chat.

Because if you are provoked and retaliate, it will most likely destroy the game as a whole and congratulations on joining as a player toxic next.


Another character of the player toxic in Mobile Legends is blamerwhere this player will always blame other players, and think he is the most correct and good at it.

How to deal with Mr blamer is that you just focus on the vision and mission that you want to win the game. Remain cooperative by explaining positions heroes or info skill cooldowns.

The most important thing is, don’t get hooked and become feeders because you are not focused on the game.


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Face that player throwing in the game is very annoying. Because most of them don’t want to cooperate with other players at all, play carelessly, and even become feeders which makes the enemy team even more fat.

If you are faced with this type of player toxic like this, all you need to do is play accordingly roles And styles-mu only, do not get to triggers with them.

Also make sure heroes you are always ready tocounter heroes enemy by doing build items alternative.


Toxic mobile legends player
Source: Reddit

Griefing is the player type toxic who always want to be “spoiled”, they will always ask for help continuously throughout the game and usually this type will be blamer when they become feeders.

Of course this will be annoying gameplay your team as a whole. How to deal with players toxic with a character like this is, keep using it gameplay-mu and trust other players to run heroes they are up to the task and roles each.


This is the type of player toxic which we can say is very difficult to deal with. How come? Player toxic This is definitely not thinking about winning the game, because they will be feeders or even worse, they can leave the game prematurely or AFK.

To face players toxic like this, you can try to communicate without emotion, who knows this ruiner might change his mind. However, if they still can’t cooperate, get another player to report (report) the player.

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