Speed ​​Drifters Guide – How to Get Vouchers and Tech Points Fast

Speed ​​Drifters have four in-game currency that you can collect, namely Gold, Tech Points, Vouchers, and Diamonds. You can use each in a different place.

Gold can be used to increase character abilities, Tech Points can be used for upgrades cars, Vouchers for shopping at the Shop, and Diamonds for shopping too.

Vouchers and Tech Points are two currency which is more important because you will use it to buy andupgrades your car. The amount you need is also not small. Fortunately, in Speed ​​Drifters there are many ways to easily get Vouchers and Tech Points without spending a penny.

Complete Daily Quests


In a day you will get Daily Quests with simple tasks like playing 12 times and so on. Each Daily Quest provides different rewards, starting from gold, experienceVouchers, to Tech Point.

If you are diligent in completing the Daily Quest on that day, you will also get some additional rewards. Two of them are Vouchers and also Techbox containing enough Tech Points for at least one time upgrades.

Monitor and Follow Existing Events


Speed ​​Drifters always have events with lots of prizes. Your task in each events diverse, ranging from playing a number of races to login every day. The prizes also vary, starting from Vouchers, Tech Points, or items which you can also exchange for Vouchers or Tech Points.

Information Speed ​​Drifters event always comes first when you commit loginor via the button at the top right of the screen on the main menu.

Wish Well


On January 24, Speed ​​Drifters implemented a new feature namely Wishing Well. In this feature, you can get a Wish Card by completing the tasks listed. With this Wish Card, you have the opportunity to get various items, from Gold, Vouchers, Tech Points, to cars.

You can access Wishing Well at the top right of the screen on the main menu.

Rest Areas


In the Rest Area you can complete several activities each day. The reward for this activity is Vouchers.

Complete Stories


Speed ​​Drifters also has a Story which consists of various challenging stages. Each time you complete the challenge, you will get a number of Vouchers.

Complete Training


Even though it’s not much, there are several Vouchers that you can get in Training mode. Simply complete the challenge for each exercise.

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