Speed ​​Drifters Guide – Pet Functions and How to Raise It

Update Speed ​​Drifters on January 24th brought some new features. One of its features is Pet, aka pets. If you login since January 24th, you should get Penguin Boy for free.

The question is, what is the function of this Pet in racing? Why should you bother raising him? So how do you raise this pet?

Pet function in Speed ​​Drifters


Until this article was written, there were four pets available at Seed Drifters. You will get one of them for free, namely Penguin Boy. The rest are Cupid, Vulpes and Penguin Boy.

Each of these Pets provides an additional visual effect. First, this Pet will turn into boosters small on the back of the car before the race starts. Second, boosters it will give a color trail when you use Nitro or acceleration zone. The color trail given is different according to the Pet you have.


Apart from that, each Pet also gives certain bonus effects to your car. For example, Penguin Gal can increase your Flying Boost and Landing Boost acceleration by 10 percent.

The effect of each Pet will really help you during the race. But you have to raise them in order to get that effect.

How to Raise a Pet


Each effect is tied to the Skin it has. For example, to get the second effect on Penguin Boy, you have to raise the Penguin Boy to be a teenager. The question is, of course, how?

There are two ways to raise a Pet. The first is to give it “food” in the form of an Energy package. You can buy Energy in the Shop or from rewards events (if available). To use Energy, simply press the Training button at the bottom right of the screen while in the Pet menu.

The second way is to diligently bring it to the races. Indeed, the amount experience given is not much. But at least this method is free and you won’t feel it if you play hard.


After reaching a certain level, your Pet will be ready to evolve. But in order to evolve, you must have enough materials. Each Pet requires different ingredients to evolve. Just follow the prompts listed on the Upgrade screen.

After you have enough materials, you can do it upgrades and get additional bonuses according to the evolutionary stage of the Pet. Simple isn’t it?


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Currently besides Penguin Boy, there is only one additional Pet that you can get at the Shop, namely Penguin Gal. The other two Pets, Cupid and Vulpes, are newly available at events which has not been announced. While waiting, it’s best to increase the currently available Pet first, because if you notice, both of them provide special effects if you have both.

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