Let’s meet 5 Terrible Monsters in Resident Evil

January 25 2023 became a historic day because of the legendary game Resident Evil 2 will return to the air via the remake version.

More than three million times version demo the game has been downloaded. For those of you who are not so familiar with the world Resident Evil, gimbot will discuss here about 5 terrible monsters in Resident Evil to welcome Resident Evil 2 Remakes.

1. Mr. X

2. Nemesis
5 Terrible Monsters in Resident Evil |  Nemesis
Hey bro!!

Nemesis is a T-Type monster created by the Umbrella Corporation. Being chased by the Nemesis was one of the most stressful experiences of the past.

Apart from not being able to be killed, Nemesis can also kill you easily bro. Even if he uses the Bazooka, he will appear again to chase you.

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When Nemesis is present, we are given two choices, namely to fight or run away. In fact, not only with bare hands, Nemesis will also chase you with the Bazooka.

3. The Executioner

5 Terrible Monsters in Resident Evil |  The Executioners
What the……..

Have you ever played the game? Resident Evil 5 must know about The Executioner. This monster has the appearance of a death god in many movies or games and carries a very large scythe.

This monster is described as the executor and this monster is also the one who kills Reynald Fisher’s character.

Just like Nemesis, you will continue to face The Executioner in several places. The most annoying thing is when it first appears, The Executioner will be accompanied by dozens of zombies.

4. Lickers

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The most annoying thing is that Licker can climb walls, hide in the dark, and suddenly ambush us.

The good news is that Licker is coming to the game Resident Evil 2 Remake.

5. Zombie Dogs

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