Anthem VIP Demo Review: Too Many Connection Issues

Never trust EA. So roughly meme taglines which circulated a lot after the blunder case Star Wars Battlefront II And Mass Effect Andromeda. Then, what about Anthem? The latest IP developed by BioWare under the auspices of a publisher caliber EA.

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Instead of wanting to restore BioWare’s positive image of a game that previously received a lot of criticism, ie Mass Effect Andromeda, Anthem even failed miserably. The reason is not because gameplay which is bad but due to connection issues.

Here’s my review regarding Anthem VIP Demos:

You didn’t pre-order Anthem? The right decision

For those of you who have done Antem pre-orders for $ 59.99, you will get a VIP Demo schedule on January 25-27 2023. Meanwhile, Open Demo for all platforms can be played on 1-3 February 2023.

The thing is, there is no difference between VIP Demo or not. Why is that? I tried playing the Anthem demo on Xbox One and couldn’t play the demo at all. Of course because I didn’t pre-order. But the next day even can.

The first day the VIP Demo rolled out was a nightmare for BioWare. There are a lot of technical problems that make some gamers who already did pre order can’t enter the game. After being repaired, VIP Demo can be accessed by all gamers *clap forehead.

You know, the reason people tried the demo before pre order is so they can find out genres And gameplay offered according or not to their usual style of play. If you like, you can buy it. If not, can move on to another game.

Problems everywhere

One positive thing that can be obtained is patience. For those of you who get angry easily, play Anthem VIP Demo can make you curse and get angry because of the many technical problems that exist.

First, bad connection. Supposedly, VIP Demo here is more suitable to be called beta access due to bad connection platform which needs lot of improvement. You can’t connect at all to servers EA in the start menu due to capacity servers they have reached their maximum limit.

Second, do pre order does not guarantee you can play the VIP Demo. You’re lucky you didn’t pre order because you can immediately play it outside of a predetermined schedule.

Third, stuck in loading screen. Also known as infinite loads. The state in which the PC screen or console-mu only displays loading screen containing trivia when the character moves from Fort Tarsis to the expedition area. the solution, restart Anthem. But when you enter, your team is far away on an expedition far ahead. Hadeh.

Chad Robertson himself as BioWare’s Head of Live Service is currently carrying out repairs at weekends this is to fix it. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon before the Open Demo.

Gameplay and combat are quite good

Beyond the disadvantages there must be advantages. Apart from the chaotic connection problems that exist, gameplay And combat which is offered Anthem pretty good. The graphics are also quite charming.

For those of you who don’t know the storyline and gameplay base in Anthemyou can read about the article All Things You Need to Know about Anthem.

You will play Freelancers use Ranger’s javelin exo-suit (standard type for attacks And defense) at level 10. So you won’t do progression character from the beginning. What makes me wonder is the camera transition first person while at Fort Tarsis with third person during the expedition.

Anthem apply continuous open world. That is, you can play your own world and invite your friends or vice versa. Player to be hosts is leader so you can ask for help or help with missions that have not been successfully completed.

One of the pluses Anthem is matchmaking. Ben Irving as the Lead Producer said that “There is matchmaking for every activity in the game” so you don’t need to worry when you want to go on an expedition because many players can be included randomly. Different with Destiny which requires you to form a group at the beginning of the game.

The missions played in the VIP Demo are quite varied according to storyline. In the beginning you have to search part items obtained by solving puzzles and continued to fight with the enemy. You will get results loot weapons and rewards XP points.

As far as I played VIP Demo, play lonewolf in Anthem is very dangerous. This game is designed to be played online online multiplayer because of the many enemy threats that existed outside of Fort Tarsis.

Feature combat also quite stressful. Every javelin will have its own weapon system, capabilities melee (close combat), grenade gear for grenade explosion, assault launcher gear for missile attack, support gear to give an advantage to teammates, and ultimate abilities to full capability javelin.

The most interesting thing you can do flight use thrusters a la Iron Man so it can fly freely to all areas. Note, if blood javelin critical, find a hiding place to healing. If you downthen you have to wait for your teammates to revive.

That’s it for the Anthem VIP Demo review. I hope that the Open Demo can be played smoothly and there will be no more connection problems. Btwhave you played the demo yet?

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