10 Free Riddle and Puzzle Games on Android

One of genres gym mobile endless is a puzzle game and puzzles. There are always ways to challenge your thinking and problem-solving skills in a game. Not only that, a puzzle game and puzzles tends to be light so it can be played when you want to play a game that is relaxed but still challenging.

If you want to hone or challenge your brain, you can try 10 puzzle games and puzzles Our recommended free Android.

1. Candy Crush Saga


During the start of the game, Candy Crush Saga looks like a game match three simple one. But the further you play, the mechanics match three these are then combined with various other rules.

In each level, you have to complete a certain mission. These missions range from achieving a certain score to destroying certain blocks. Not only that, sometimes you also have limited moves or time, so you have to really think about each step carefully.

Download Candy Crush Saga on Google Play – Free

2. Guess the Picture

jigsaw-puzzle-free-android-guess-the-picture game

In Guess the picture, you have to guess the words through clues in the form of pictures of everyday objects. You have to be able to understand the meaning of the picture phonetically and string it into words that make sense.

Even though it’s simple, there are lots of questions with picture clues that are quite unique and creative.

Download Guess the Picture on Google Play – it’s free

3. Sudoku


If we talk about riddles and puzzles numbers, it’s mandatory to enter Sudoku.

For those of you who don’t know, in Sudoku you have to fill in a 9×9 grid with the numbers one through nine. But each row, column and 3×3 grid cannot have the same number.

On Google Play itself there are many Sudoku games that you can play downloads. Almost all of them offer varying levels of difficulty and provide features such as taking notes as a tool as well timer to calculate your speed of thought.

Download Sudoku on Google Play – Free

4. Tricky Test 2


In Tricky Test 2, you are asked to answer a number of questions and riddles within a limited time. If you give wrong answers too many times, you’ll have to go back a few levels and waste time.

The answers to the questions in this game are very unique. Sometimes you have to use something that isn’t available in the game screen itself. In other words, you have to think creatively and out of the box in order to finish the game quickly.

Download Tricky Test 2 on Google Play – Free

5. Happy Glass


Your task in each level in Happy Glass is always the same, which is to make sure that the water that comes out of the pipe can fill the glass to the brim. It’s just that the pipe and glass are always far apart, and your job is to draw a line and make the water from the pipe flow into the glass correctly.

This game requires you to understand a bit of physics in the form of gravity and water movement. Apart from that, you also have to be able to draw lines accurately and sometimes with timings right.

Download Happy Glass on Google Play – Free

6. Math Riddles


Just like his name, Math Riddles will provide a wide variety of math puzzles. The types of puzzles range from understanding simple number patterns to applying simple algebraic formulas.

For those of you who like math, you must try this game to challenge your skills.

Download Math Riddles on Google Play – Free

7. Flow Free


Your task in Flow Free is to connect pairs of dots of the same color by drawing lines. Each color line must not bump into any other color line, and when all the dots are connected all the squares in the play area must be filled.

At first glance the game seems very easy. But in the more difficult levels, you will be challenged to connect the dots in areas that are too big or too small. This means that you are required to visualize the path of each point in order to get the right solution.

Downloads Flow Free on Google Play – Free

8. Escape Room: Mystery World


Each level in Escape Room: Mystery World will give you a door that can be opened if you enter password correct. To know password that, you must be able to answer the puzzle from the available clues.

One thing that makes the game a bit more difficult is that it’s in English. But even if you are fluent you have to be smart enough to understand the clues that are in each level.

Download Escape Room:Mystery World on Google Play – Free

9. Brain It On!


Basic mechanics Brain It On! actually similar to Happy Glas, namely drawing something to solve the existing challenges. The difference is deep Brain It On! your goal in each level varies widely, from simply moving a ball to releasing a stuck object.

In addition, the solution for each level cannot always be solved by simply drawing lines. You can think creatively and draw certain objects to solve the challenges you face.

Download Brain It On! On Google Play – Free

10. Classic Onet


Your job is inside Onet is to remove all images by pairing two of the same image until there are no more images left. However, in order to be paired, the two images must be connected by a straight line with a maximum of two angles/turns. More than that the two images cannot be paired.

Simple? Yes, but you have to have good observation skills so you can see which images can be paired. Otherwise you will run out of time before you can finish the game.

Download Onet Classic on Google Play – Free

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