Speed ​​Drifters Guide – How To Get Continuous Nitro

In Solo Mode on Speed ​​Drifters, speed and momentum is the key and the only way to win the race. You have to be able to increase the speed of your car as high as possible without ever having a collision, either with a wall or another player’s car.

One way to increase speed is to get and use as much Nitro as possible. The more frequently and consistently you get Nitro, the easier it will be for you to maintain your position or catch up. The question is, how do you get Nitro consistently and deeply timings right?

In this article we’ll teach you how Nitro works and how to get it consistently.

When Do You Get Nitro


Nitro doesn’t just show up unexpectedly. When you will be given Nitro really depends on how often you do it drifting.

In the race, you will see a bar or the meter in the middle of the screen right under your car. As long as you do driftingthis meter will fill and stop as soon as you stop doing drifting.

When this meter is fully filled you will get Nitro right when you finish drifting. After that this meter will return empty.

Similar to mini-boostthis meter will empty if you hit a wall in the middle of performing drifting.

How To Get Nitro Consistently


Following the mechanic above, the way to consistently get Nitro is of course to keep your meter full as often as possible.

Generally, do full drift in a u-turn or a flip guarantees you one Nitro. It means since u-turn first you can directly use combos WCW (mini-boostnitro, mini-boost) or save the Nitro for the next turn.

drifting at a 90 degree bend can fill at least half your meter. But it depends on the momentum, speed and how you do it driftssometimes you can fully fill the meter at this turn.


Majority of tracks Speed ​​Drifters has a lot of sharp turns. This means that on average every turn you should be able to get one Nitro. But to be able to do that you certainly have to be able to do it drifting well. If you carelessly or crash into a wall, you not only don’t get Nitro, but you also lose speed.

Again, knowing the track well is the key to consistently getting Nitro. Pay attention and remember well at which turn you can get Nitro, then execute it drifting well.

Apart from that, also pay attention to whenever you have to use the Nitro. If a bend is too sharp or a hill requires high speed, you may need to save one Nitro for the obstacle.

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Play in Speed ​​Mode Speed ​​Drifters requires high consistency and concentration, especially if you are already in Ranked. This means that practice and good execution are key.

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