Note! 5 PUBG Mobile Sniping Spots You Must Know!

One of the deadliest weapons in PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) which has great potential to bring its users to reach chicken dinners is snipers.

Of course, to be successful in using this weapon, you must have the ability to find a good position.

So actually where is the position or sniping spot The most stable PUBGM? Come on, let’s just discuss one by one!

Cranes in Georgopol

Spot sniping The first PUBGM was in the Georgopol area. After getting enough loot and 4x scopeyou can go upstairs cranes to look for hiding enemies, as well as being able to provide information to teammates, if you play squad mode.

There are 4 cranes in the Georgopol area which you can use tosniping happy.

Church in Pochinki

Still around the Erangel location, where spot this is very strategic to look at pochinki which is one of the most favorite locations by many players.

You can choose sniping spot This PUBGM if it lands around pochinki. Apart from being spot which is good for sniping, you can also get loot which is pretty good in the church before eliminating all the enemies above.

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Rooftop apartment in Pecado

If speaking folder Miramar, Pecado is one of the most stable locations for landing. For those of you who like to use weapons sniperscan go directly to rooftop apartment.

This PUBGM sniping spot will give you a side view of the arena (rink), casino, and almost all areas in the pecado. spot this is also really cool, you know if you want to take screenshots.

Bukit Southwest Bootcamp Sanhok

Next we turn to folder sanhok with locations around bootcamp. After getting loot in area bootcampyou can go straight to spot This.

The place is on the hill next door southwest (SW) from bootcamp. Trust me guys, spot this is very strategic that can get you view in the region bootcamp.

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Cosmodrome Tower in Vikendi

One of sniping spot Favorite PUBGM on folder vikendi is in one of the towers in the cosmodrome area. However, you also have to be careful, because sometimes you will experience glitches which is very annoying even though you have used scope x6

That’s 5 sniping spot PUBGM that you must know. Got any other suggestions? Come on, let’s discuss it in the comments!

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