Brawl Stars Guide – Poco, the Powerful Guitar Healer Brawler

Not this one talk about rocking which is usually the music for Poco-Poco physical gymnastics, but we will discuss about one brawler named Poco.

Poco has the appearance of a typical Mexican masked guitarist. In Brawl Stars, Poco is one brawler with rates rare.

Poco is quite easy to use, but if you are not used to using it brawler which is its nature support this might be difficult. Well this time we will discuss about the guide to use brawler this guitarist. Check it out!

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1. Don’t Get Too Forward


Remember, brawler this guitar is not brawler who have a high level of HP like El Primo and Bull. Poco has a moderate level of HP but is quite easy to beat.

The attacks that are owned are also not that strong. If you still have level 1 brawler this guitar, then he only has a level damage of 660 only. One strike can even only give one time damage just.

The advantage of Poco’s attack is its wide range, so you don’t need high accuracy to be able to shoot properly.

The best position is to just take enough distance so you don’t get hit by enemy attacks. Let your teammates step up and you can deliver heal with super attacks when your friends are dying.

2. Compatible in Gem Grab and Brawl Ball

Poco is not suitable for playing Solo Showdown

If you want to try using brawler With this guitar, you can use it in Gem Grab and Brawl Ball modes. Because Poco is indeed very suitable to play in a mode that requires a team.

Usually brawler Bergitar will not just move forward, but will move forward together as a team to help each other, especially when it comes to giving last hits or just help reduce the enemy’s HP.

Brawlers this is quite difficult when played in Solo Showdown mode, because you only struggle to survive alone.

3. Quickly Raise Full Bar Super Attack and Enemy Fishing Tricks

Advantages of brawler this is you can fill super attacks rapidly. The resulting attack projectile has the ability to penetrate enemies, so if enemies are gathering, you will get a bonus fill bar faster than usual.

Besides that, the super attack is very helpful when friends are dying. One trick you can use to lure enemies.

Lure the enemy to chase us because our HP is dying even with only one shot remaining. When the enemy is chasing, do it immediately heal and counterattack with teammates.

So, that’s a guide to using Poco so you can get better at it. You have other tips and tricks in using brawler this guitar? Come on share!

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