Tips and Easy Guide to Playing Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 Remake launched on January 25 2023. As a game that gamers have been waiting for, of course this game has hype and quite a lot of people who want to finish it.

But before finishing it, you must first know that Resident Evil 2 Remake is a pretty hard game. But don’t worry because gimbot will immediately give you tips and guide so that it can be easy to play games from Resident Evil 2 Remake This.

What do you think will be discussed? Immediately we slide.

Don’t Kill All Zombies

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If you kill all the zombies you will waste bullets or resources another. If this happens, you will have a hard time when you have to face strong enemies or bosses.

So, choose wisely which zombies to kill and which zombies to silence. If you’re already surrounded, you’d be better off gojek just all those zombies.

Don’t forget, also pay attention to the sound because the sound in this game is quite good, you can immediately identify where the zombies are. Admittedly, sound really helps to avoid existing zombies.

The last tip regarding zombies is don’t forget to close all windows in the RPD. Windows that are still open can be closed using a board. Why should it be closed? Of course so that zombies from outside don’t enter the RPD so you can save bullets.

As Much As Possible Explore All Areas

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Besides that, to carry out exploration in a measured way, you can determine from the nearest to the farthest area. Believe me, sweeping that you do will not lose anything.

Doing exploration from the start of the game allows you to have resources overflow until the end of the game. Exploration can also get you tips and tricks for killing certain enemies.

One more thing, exploration can make it easy for you to solve existing puzzles. How come? Because in exploration it’s not just ordinary items, you will also get them key items which is useful for opening a path or a certain room.S

Read All Scraps and Wash Photos!!


Don’t be lazy to read!! If you are a person who is lazy to read and skips over existing readings, you will find it difficult to play Resident Evil 2 Remake!

Why do you have to read all the memos? The reason is easy because sometimes in the memo we get instructions on what to do to complete the puzzle and defeat the enemy.

For example, at the beginning of the game, you will get a memo about a monster called Licker. Later in the memo it was said that the Licker was a monster that was blind and sensitive to sound. In the memo it was written, if we want to avoid Licker we must be as quiet as possible when passing it.

Apart from Memo, there is also an item called photo roll. We can wash this photo roll with water. The goal, sometimes in the photo roll there is a detailed explanation of what happened and also a detailed explanation of the secrets that exist in the world Resident Evil 2 Remake.

For information, there is one of the photo rolls showing where one of the secret items is stored in the RPD. Happy searching!

Just Bring Enough Items

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In fact, sometimes there are items that require two storage space slots in our bags. Our tip is that items that must always be carried are three weapons (you will have four core weapons later) and one herb. The rest is empty so you can take it with you key items as much as possible later.

Don’t forget to remove existing items checklist the red because if it already exists checklist red, it means the item is no longer useful.

As Much As Possible Hit The Boss’ Weak Points

Since the beginning, gamers have been prohibited from wasting bullets in this game and fortunately Capcom makes it easy even when facing bosses.

In general, in this game the boss always has a very visible weak point. This weak point is also sometimes applied to several enemy variants such as tree zombies or internal monsters Sewer.

To identify the weak points of these monsters and bosses, just look at the yellow color in their body area. It is this yellow that should be shot. Usually if it’s always right, you only need a few shots to knock them out.

Especially for bosses, so they can be defeated quickly, use them as much as possible Shotgun or Magnums at its weak point because the two shots have enormous damage.

Watch for Matilda’s Fire Breath for Effective Damage

Matildaaa Beybeh!!

From the start of the game, Leon Scott Kennedy will get an ordinary gun named Matilda. This gun can be upgraded and will eventually become a better gun.

There is a special trick to using Matilda effectively, which is to pay attention to her shooting breath. When chasing enemies, Matilda’s aim will be wide at first and will get smaller.

When it is smaller, it means that the breath of the shot is ready and we can fire bullets at the enemy. Waiting for Matilda’s firing breath to be more prepared is more effective than directly shooting enemies with bullets without waiting for Matilda’s aim to constrict.

If you’re lucky, two shots to the head can kill the zombies instantly.

I think those are the tips and guides for making games Resident Evil 2 Remake be easier. The method above can at least make you safe in terms of resources even to the end of the game.

Hopefully our tips and tricks can help those of you who want to finish this game!

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