1 Million Players in 8 Hours!

Apex Legends shows a promising first step! How could I not, only 8 hours from the release of Apex Legends, 1 million players already played this game.

Which means if I do the math, Apex Legends welcomes approximately 2,083 new players per minute or 125,000 new players per hour!

This was stated directly by the CEO of Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampela via his personal Twitter account.

Apex Legends is the work of Respawn Entertainment, a game studio known through the game Titanfall, on February 4 2023.

Respawn Entertainment emphasizes that Apex Legends is not a sequel to Titanfall 2. But for you Titanfall fans, you are definitely not too foreign to the world of Apex Legends, because Apex Legends is themed 30 years after Titanfall 2.

Downloads Apex Legends by following link below this:

Playstation Stores: Apex Legends, Free

Xbox Ones: Apex Legends, Free

Origins (PC): Apex Legends, Free

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