Save the World from Zombie Invasion in These 10 PC Zombie Games

Zombies are quite a popular theme on the medium story telling modern, including in video games. To this day there are many games that use the theme of zombies as enemies, and zombie apocalypse or zombie outbreaks as the main theme.

But that doesn’t mean all zombie-themed games offer the same thing. On PC alone, there are many zombie games that offer a different playing experience.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

The classic Playstation One game Resident Evil 2 get remakes for PC in January 2023. Unlike modern zombie games which are more focused on action, Resident Evil 2 more focus on survival.

In this game, the way to win the game is not to shoot all the zombies you meet. Your guns have very limited ammo, and the zombies you face won’t die with just one shot to the head. This means you have to save bullets and use them only when needed. Otherwise, you will not be safe.

Download Resident Evil 2 Remake on Steam – IDR 499,999

Resident Evil 7

There’s a reason why we’re including one more series Resident Evil in this list. Apart from the most obscure, Resident Evil 7 also has a story and characters that are more evocative in comparison Resident Evil 2.

But this doesn’t make Resident Evil 7 not at all scary. There are enough terrible moments that make you close your eyes in this game.

Download Resident Evil 7 on Steam – IDR 239,999

They Are Billions

Unlike other games on this list, deep They Are Billions you don’t control a single person to exterminate an army of zombies. You lead a colony of the last survivors of a zombie attack.

As the leader of the colony, your job is to build the colony in order to survive and survive the zombie attacks. Don’t take it lightly, because if you’re not careful, these zombie troops can wipe out your colony in an instant.

Download They Are Billions on Steam – IDR 119,999

Left 4 Dead 2

In Left 4 Dead 2, you and three other players have to go through various areas full of zombies. You can fight with a variety of weapons that you can get, ranging from firearms to melee weapons. Everything depends on your choice.

But that doesn’t mean you can win this game just like that. This game has all kinds of zombies. Some zombies have unique characteristics and must be dealt with with good coordination.

Download Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam – IDR 69,999


In DayZ you play in the area open world which is vast and attacked by a zombie virus. In order to survive, you must collect resources and weapons which you can find in the many abandoned buildings you find.

Zombies are not your only threat in this game. Other players will also try to kill and seize the items you have.

Download DayZ on Steam – IDR 550,000

Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Telltale’s The Walking Dead series does have a zombie theme. But even if you’re dealing with zombies, the main focus in this game is not the fight with the zombies themselves.

The main focus in this game is the story which involves many characters. Throughout the game you will see various interactions and dramas just like you are watching a movie series. Oh, and since this is a game, you also get to decide how the story goes.

Dying Light

at a glance, Dying Light looks like a game similar to other zombie games where you are in the world open world filled with zombies. Once you try it, you will immediately notice a striking difference.

Unlike most zombie games, the characters in Dying Light can move swiftly. With the help of some tools, you can jump across buildings in a cool parkour style. This makes feel while playing much different than other zombie games.

Download Dying Light on Steam – IDR 268,800

Killing Floor 2

Choose the character and modifications you want, then finish off the zombie army in your own style. Be careful because it’s the same as Left 4 Deadthe zombies that become your enemies are varied.

In Killing Floor 2, you can play sixes. With quite a large selection of characters, each with its own advantages. Concocting optimal character formations and combinations with your friends is one of the attractions that makes this game different.

Download Killing Floor 2 on Steam – IDR 199,999


Okay, enemy inside Desolate maybe not all zombies. But this affects the horror element in this game.

As a volunteer, your job is to explore an island infested with dangerous creatures. In the center of the island you must solve the mystery behind the disaster on the island, and prevent it from spreading to other places.

Download Desolate on Steam – 119,999,-

Hunt Showdown

Hunt Showdown is a new game that is currently still in phase early access. In this game you will hunt zombies for rewards. The goal is of course to become stronger by buying new weapons.

Unfortunately you are not alone. There are other players who also have the same task, or try to kill you who have succeeded first.

Download Hunt Showdown on Steam – IDR 213,000

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