The 5 Best Shooter Games for February! Which Do You Choose

February is now almost the middle of the month. So far, gamers have been presented with several exciting games.

But even so, until February ends, there are still more games that will come to accompany gamers, especially from the action genre.

gimbot This time, we will provide a discussion of the five best shooter game lists for February that are worth a glance.

1. Apex Legends

  • Genres: Action, Shooters
  • Release Time: February 5, 2023

Apex Legends is currently one of the games that are on the rise. This game is a similar game Titanfall as a base but mixes the elements in PUBG, Overwatcheven Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

Until this article was written, Apex Legends At least it has been played by 25 million people around the world. With its great graphics and perfect mechanics, there’s no reason not to play Apex Legends it seems like.

2. Metro Exodus

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This game also has a wider world than before. in February, Metro Exodus deserves to be one of the best shooter games of February.

3. Fear The Wolves

  • Genres: Action, Shooters
  • Release Time: February 6, 2023

Fear the Wolves is a game that was released on February 6, 2023. This one game is one of the best shooter games in February. Not only on PC, this one game was also released on consoles.

The most interesting is, of course, fashion Battle Royale offered in this game. The difference is, the setting in this game is in the Chernobyl nuclear area which is famous for its high radiation levels.

4. Far Cry New Dawn

5. Anthems
  • Genres: Action RPG, Shooters
  • Release Time: February 22, 2023

Anthem is a game developed by Bioware and published by EA. This game itself is really worth playing in February 2023 even though the demo version has a lot of problems, one of which is a server problem.

But for world affairs, the gameplay offered, and existing features, Anthem still worth playing. Even though EA is known for its suffocating microtransactions, in Anthemmicrotransactions are only intended for skin only.

It seems that those are five shooter games that must be watched in February. The five games present many interesting features and of course, good graphics. So, set aside your money to buy one of these guys. Remember! Buy the original.

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