Review The Division 2 Private Beta

Already played The Division 2 Private Beta? For those of you who haven’t played it and are interested in trying the demo, you can pre order or register on the website The Division 2.

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Gimbot himself has played The Division Private Beta for the first 6 hours. Here’s the review:

Pretty helpful tutorial

Before starting the game, you must first choose a character between a boy or a girl. Character customization features are not as rich as the first series (calm, still beta) so you will get a random character model.

For those of you who have never played the first series and have just played the series The Division 2it doesn’t matter because this game offers tutorials which are quite helpful at the beginning of the game.

You will play solo first following the storyline to move from one point to another before finally going to war with the paras Hyenas (an enemy faction) is attacking in front of the White House.

A more chaotic world design

If the previous series of tasks para The Divisions struggling in Manhattan, this time you will play in full in Washington DC

There are seasonal differences here, the first series is true to the story, ie Operation Dark Winter take winter background. Whereas, The Division 2 this takes spring as a background.

It must be admitted, the design of the world that is displayed is very good and detailed. You can see for yourself how chaotic the city of Washington DC has paralyzed all government systems from security, health and economy.

It’s just that the problem arises at night. Bad lighting and mixed with cold air make the view blurry and quite disturbing when walking.

Changed battle tactics

If you pay attention, if you are fighting with an enemy, the status icon above the enemy character’s head often disappears in the middle of a fight (red). Likewise on the map.

This status icon often disappears if the enemy is in position cover. This makes the battle tactics completely change because you don’t know exactly how many enemies you are facing.

Unfortunately, the enemy’s position will only be discovered if they manage to shoot you. Whether on purpose or not, this feature change is enough to change the way you fight on the field.

Characters also now have armor according to customization gears arranged. If your blood is critical and you do healingyour blood will be full as well as armor.

Wellif you want to provide a different combat experience, there should be items shields also special ones to add armor, No medkit as usual.

The character’s movement is also very different because the movement is not smooth. For those of you who played the first series first and are now trying the version private beta definitely feel the difference.

Character movement becomes more active and somewhat exaggerated when running, changing positions, or turning.

An increasingly diverse range of tech skills

skills For tech become more diverse as usage Drones which you can use either to attack enemies or as a defense by giving health points when your blood is critical

Another example is type turret which can be installed as snipers. Default mode for assault that attacks the enemy blindly remains, but with it snipers you can fight in different ways.

A number of skills that can be tried is Drones, Seeker Mines, Turrets. Meanwhile, others like hives And Chem Launcher still locked.

Intricate gear menus and customization

For those of you who have played the previous series, you will definitely find it difficult at the beginning of the game regarding the menu for character customization, weapons, or gears because the appearance has changed.

Ubisoft updated the interface for menus and customization to be more colorful and added several places such as for skills, perks, And resources.

Limited PvP mode

Throughout the game on private betayou will get to know the world better The Division 2 in the form of tutorials, missions in Dark Zone even like that.

The PvP mode itself is getting an update in the form Skirmish And Dominationmuch like the DLC The Last Stands in the previous version, of course, with some updates. Unfortunately, you can only try PvP in 4 vs 4 form.

Note, the mistake in playing PvP is usually to force yourself like playing with low weapon levels or playing with squad in a manner random.

So, collect as many weapons as you can from the main mission and side missions to help you win PvP matches.

End game mode bonuses

After successfully completing the main mission, several side missionsand missions in Dark Zoneyou are allowed to try the mode end game.

Endgame alone is the last game mode in The Division 2 which requires you to determine a special specialization of your character when you reach level 30.

You can choose between snipers Sharpshootertrap master Survivalistor area destroyer Demolitionist. Interestingly, the level of weapons and gears type is used legendary. But be careful because the enemy will also get stronger armor.

Connection problem

The problem that is often encountered is unable to connect to the server because game client crashes And receiving invites from other players.

When you try to enter the game from main menu screen or transition gameplay requiring loading screen like receiving invite from other players. Usually you will get a message error.

Ubisoft itself confirmed that this problem arose because of the large number of players entering the server, so they suggested doing so restart games every 2-3 hours.

That’s the game review The Division 2 Private Beta. Outline, gameplay has not changed because it is still the same as the previous version. However, the many updates from the battle side make this game worth playing as a whole.

Let’s see if when it’s released, this game gets even better. Hopefully!

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