5 Things We Need to Worry About About WoW Classic!

World of Warcraft (WoW) has become a popular MMORPG that has a number fans very big all over the world. with every updates And expansions new, slowly but surely, WoW has undergone many changes when compared to when it was first launched in 2004.

The last few years have been “thirst” for nostalgia gamers been satisfied with the emergence of various kinds of games classic or remakes. Not wanting to miss this moment, in 2023, Blizzard Entertainment also announced the presence of WoW Classic through the Blizzcon event which was warmly welcomed by the fans.

But not everything that is old is new anymore. Wow Classic could be a better nostalgic game or even worse, if the developer doesn’t really think carefully about what features and mechanisms will be embedded in the version known as vanilla This.

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Here are 5 things we were concerned about with WoW coming Classic. Agree or disagree, this is just the author’s opinion, if you have another opinion, don’t hesitate to discuss it in the comments, OK?

1. Keeping Everything Fresh

5 Things We Need to Worry About About WoW Classic!
Source: Variety

WoW has been an MMORPG that has survived and has remained around for years. Of course, one factor is abundance updates And expansions new ones presented regularly by the developer.

This will make the game always visible”freshand if anything updates which are not good, the developer will present the next content update to “patch” these bad things in a relatively short time.

Meanwhile Wow Classic only had two years of playable content. What will Blizzard do after many players have reached endgame? And of course there will be a lot of veteran players who reach faster endgame.

In our opinion it would be difficult to add new content that would go against the core philosophy behind the version Classic The real.

It’s possible that Blizzard will return to deliver updates or expansions same as World of Warcraftbut that could lead to a large number of players leaving WoW Classic.

2. Graphic Problems

5 Things We Need to Worry About About WoW Classic!
Source: Kotaku

When talking graphics, we must admit that World of Warcraft It’s not the most graphically beautiful game, but it has improved a lot over the years and many fans are happy with that.

Wow Classic likely to use patches 1.12 from 2006, where the game would display graphics from the same point in time.

But back in the day, bad graphics were far more forgivable by enthusiasts because their computer screens weren’t powerful enough.

On a high-resolution screen, which is likely what many gamers have hardcore right now, WoW Classic it will look really ugly.

Of course it doesn’t look like a selling point which will be highlighted by Blizzard Entertainment.

3. The presence of WoW Classic will divide active players

5 Things We Need to Worry About About WoW Classic!
Source: Den of Geek

World of Warcraft probably the greatest MMORPG of all time. At its peak WoW had around 12 million subscribers. Although impressive, this number only existed in 2010.

The average active player base in WoW is actually 1 to 4 million. And now many players have left WoW, because this game has become very different from before.

Also, there is no evidence to suggest that WoW has attracted new players. That means WoW Classic will compete for the exact same audience as World of Warcraft and instead of increasing the player population, the active players will be divided in both versions.

4. Class Balance

5 Things We Need to Worry About About WoW Classic!
Source: Tech Spot

Wow Classic will use patches 1.12 which is probably the most “healthy” version for servers vanilla.

In 2006, Blizzard spent about two years working hard to make sure the classes in WoW could be balanced and get their roles in the game. endgame.

Not even then really balanceWhere class like Paladins with talents Retribution or Priest don’t play too much of a role.

So here we are still very doubtful whether Blizzard is able to provide good adjustments to balance the classes in WoW Classic This.

5. Raid

5 Things We Need to Worry About About WoW Classic!

Raid is one of the most interesting elements that the game has to offer World of Warcraft in its early days.

Today, completing Raid can be easier than ever thanks to UI improvements and several updates provided by the developer.

Of course this would be very hard (except guilds large) for players in general. You can imagine how difficult it is to find players who want to Raid and can work with good teams.

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