Through Tencent, Will Apex Legends be Released in China?

Tencent is reportedly in discussions with Electronic Arts (EA) to bring Apex Legends to China, reported by the South China Morning Post.

The movement from Tencent is not too surprising because previously Tencent has successfully brought PUBG and Fornite to China. Of course Tencent will have great success, if it succeeds in getting an agreement with EA to release Apex Legends.

Apex Legends itself was just released on February 4 2023 and immediately succeeded in capturing the hearts of battle royale game lovers so that many PUBG and Fortnite players turned their hearts to Apex Legends.

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Until now there has been no official statement from Tencent or EA. I anyway hope Tencent will release a version of Apex Legends mobile when it comes to working with EA. Hmm.. we wait Just yes next news!

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