5 Benefits of Subscribing to Xbox Live Gold

If you are gamers new to Xbox and don’t know much about the ins and outs, you need to get to know Xbox Live Gold.

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Xbox Live Gold is a subscription method on Xbox that allows you to play games for free online multiplayer together gamers other. The price itself is $ 60 or IDR 846,120 (calculating the exchange rate at the time this article was written) and is valid for one year.

Features like online gaming, matchmaking, private chat, party chatAnd in-game voices on Xbox also requires this subscription service.

So, benefits What do you get from subscribing to Xbox Live Gold?

1. Play online multiplayer together with friends

This is an absolute requirement if you want to play with your friends for free online multiplayer. You have to subscribe and so should your friends.

This online multiplayer also includes features matchmaking, private chat, party chatAnd in-game voices contained in this Gold service.

2. Free games every month

Benefits this one is called Games with Gold. You will get four games for free each month consisting of two games on Xbox One and two games on Xbox 360. These games will be stored in libraries using technology cloud computing.

But why is the subscription price so expensive, $ 60 or Rp. 846,120 (calculating the exchange rate at the time this article was written). Not really, just for January 2023 you get the game Celeste ($19.99), WRC 6 ($49.99), Lara Croft: Guardian of Light ($14.99), and Far Cry 2 ($19.99) which totals $104.96 or IDR 1,480,145.

The count is only for one month. Let’s assume that for one month you get four free games for $ 60 and multiply by 12 for one year. The total comes to $720 or Rp.10,153,440.

Imagine, by only spending 800 thousand, you can save a lot of money instead of having to buy the games one by one. What’s more, you can also get up to more than 3000 gamerscore Every month.

3. Crazy game discounts

Nothing can make you happy gamers other than the word discount. Especially when season sale like during the big holidays that offer lots of big game titles at very low prices.

If you subscribe to this Gold service, you will get the opportunity to buy games at a discount of up to 50-75% of the original price.

Not enough? You get an additional discount in the form of Deals with Gold which allows you to buy certain game titles at a big discount outside of time season sale.

4. Best gaming experience with Home Gold

The Home Gold concept allows your family and friends to enjoy the best gaming experience on Xbox.

For example, if you have a Gold subscription, your family can enter gamertag their own and get Gold features even if their account is not subscribed. The most important thing is that your account already has this Gold service.

Likewise when you play to your friend’s place and enter gamertag your Xbox to their Xbox then their Xbox will get the same thing. One Gold for all.

5. Enable the Game DVR and SmartMatch features

Feature recording to record games like Game DVR and share to media also requires you to have a Gold subscription. With Game DVR, you can record gameplay up to 1080p resolution and for 10 minutes.

If you add an external hard drive, you can extend the recording duration to 60 minutes. Likewise when you want to do live streaming using Twitch, to broadcast it you need this Gold.

Another feature is SmartMatch which allows you to do matchmaking to find the right opponent in the right game. Not as usual ones random and it’s not balanced when your level is still low instead you meet tough opponents with very high levels.

This technology uses sophisticated computing to find players based on skills, languageAnd reputation according to profile gamertag yours.

Those are five benefits of subscribing to Xbox Live Gold on Xbox. How about Bot, already subscribed?

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