Which Should You Choose?

It’s incomplete if you play the game alone. Indeed there are some games that feel more comfortable when played alone. But there are also many games that are more fun to play with your friends.

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Now, of the three major game platforms today, which consist of Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, each has its own features. on line which requires you to subscribe if you want to play the game online online multiplayer.

Some of the advantages of this subscription service are that it can automatically back up saved data for games to storage online (cloud) and massive discounts when available season sale.

The Nintendo Switch has Switch Online. PS4 has PlayStation Plus. Xbox One has Xbox Live Gold.

Then, from Switch Online vs PlayStation Plus vs Xbox Live Gold, which one should you choose? Check out the following reviews.


If you want to play multiplayer in a manner on line with your friends then subscriptions to Switch Online, PlayStation Plus, and Xbox Live Gold are mandatory.

However, there are differences in the game Fortnite. For those of you who have a Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4, you don’t need to subscribe to Switch Online or PlayStation Plus to play Fortnite by online. Unlike the Xbox which requires Gold.

Next, features multiplayer given on PS4 and Xbox One is party chat which allows you to create a space virtual shared conversations with your friends (8 people on PS4 and 12 people on Xbox One).

Meanwhile, on the Switch, you have to use the Nintendo Switch Online application on Android and iOS if you want to do so voice chat which is still limited in some games like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart Deluxe, Arms, Mario Tennis Aces, And NES.

Free games

Xbox Live Gold has Games with Gold which will give you four free games every month (two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360). Xbox is quite capable because it can play all game titles on Xbox One and Xbox 360 thanks to features backward compatibility.

PlayStation Plus offers even more games, namely six free games every month (two each on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita). Unfortunately, not all PS3 and PS Vita game titles are available on PS4 and this service will be discontinued in March 2023.

Nintendo Switch is a bit different by delivering 20 classic NES game titles like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, And Donkey Kong.

This section is one of the most interesting benefits because all three subscription services provide free games. It’s just that PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold provide many blockbuster game titles such as Hitman, Assassin’s Creed, And Meta Gear Solid.

Cloud Save Data capability

If you want to save game data in cloud to be safer and more necessary backups then a Switch Online and PlayStation Plus subscription is mandatory.

It’s different on Xbox One, which doesn’t require Xbox Live Gold to get save data cloud This.

So far, for save data cloud on PlayStation Plus there is 10GB of storage available. Whereas. Switch Online is limitless.

Support Services (Chat, Achievement, Apps)

You don’t need PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to send chat messages and view status achievements on PS4 or Xbox One.

Meanwhile, for the Nintendo Switch, you must subscribe to Switch Online to be able to communicate with your friends using the applications previously described above.

Special feature

By subscribing to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, you are entitled to an exclusive discount (up to more than 60%) when available season sale and have the opportunity to gain access beta And trials in certain games.

Switch Online is no less interesting by offering games battle royale tetris title Tetris 99 for free. You also get a price discount for controllers Nintendo Entertainment System and gears exclusive in games Splatoon 2.


Switch Online offers trials for 7 days. If you want to subscribe, there are two types membershipthat is individual And family.

Individual membership priced at 1 month – $ 3.99USD, 3 months – $ 7.99USD, and 12 months – $ 19.99USD and family membership priced at 12 months – $34.99USD which allows eight Nintendo accounts to simultaneously access Switch Online with just one subscription.

PlayStation Plus offers trials for 14 days (only for gamers new) and is priced at 1 month – $9.99USD, 3 months – $24.99USD, and 12 months – $59.99USD.

However, only PlayStation Plus is available in the Asian Region, so the price in Rupiah is cheaper, which is IDR 350,000 a year.

Xbox Live Gold offers trials for 14 days and priced at month – $ 9.99USD, 3 months – $ 24.99USD, and 12 months – $ 59.99USD.

*$1USD = IDR 14,058 | $24.99USD = Rp. 351,309 | $59.99USD = IDR 842,339 (exchange rate at the time this article was written).

And what you have to choose is…

Switch Online has the advantage of being cheaper for a year’s subscription and being able to play games NES classic.

Meanwhile, the lack of communication features such as voice chat new ones can be accessed using the app smartphones and a few free games.

PlayStation Plus has the advantage of being affordable for a year and available in the Asian region plus the many free games on offer. The drawbacks of PlayStation Plus are only in save data cloud which is limited to only 10GB.

Xbox Live Gold itself has advantages in save data cloud who don’t need premium membership and abilities backward compatibility which can play all the game titles on Xbox One and Xbox 360. The downside of Xbox Live Gold is that it is very expensive, more than 800 thousand a year.

Then, from Switch Online vs PlayStation Plus vs Xbox Live Gold, which subscription service should you choose? The conclusion is that it depends on your preference for the playing platform.

Maybe you really prefer to play only on Nintendo Switch or you have two consolenamely PS4 and Xbox One.

Hopefully the comparison above can provide additional information before you decide to buy a play platform and subscription service later.

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