Apex Legends: Collection of Heroes and Skills

Who doesn’t know Apex Legends, the game battle royale made by Respawn Entertainment which was released by EA as publishers managed to steal the attention of the gamers. One of the factors for the success of Apex Legends is the presence of para heroes who has a unique role in the game.

Each heroes Apex Legends has skills different that will determine your journey to become “The Champion of the Arena”. Nowapproximately heroes which one suits your gameplay?

Until this article was released, there were 8 heroes in Apex Legends you can play and of course it will be Gimbot updates Keep going.

1. Bloodhounds

  • Passive Skills: Tracker – View the tracks left by enemies
  • Active Skills: Eye of the Allfather – Scans surroundings, such as enemies and traps. skills it can penetrate any barrier.
  • Ultimates: Beast of the Hunt – Become the ultimate hunter, which is where you can see all the tracks and walk faster

Bloodhounds are heroes that can reveal the conditions around you. No enemy can hide from the Bloodhound as every footprint of an enemy will be seen by the Bloodhound.

When dealing with enemies, Bloodhound is able to move faster and is sensitive to all circumstances around him by using ultimate skills.

2. Gibraltar

  • Passive Skills: Gun Shield – Spawns a shield when aiming a weapon
  • Active Skills: Dome of Protection – Casts a protective dome that can withstand attacks within 15 seconds
  • ultimate: Defensive Bombardment- Summons an air strike on the area you are aiming at

Gilbraltar is heroes manifold tank which can protect all team members from enemy attacks. Heroes this is suitable for you who need a figure frontline because it is able to protect as well as disperse enemy attacks with ultimate skills-his.

3. Lifelines

  • passive skills: Combat Medic – Revives faster when using a shield wall and item heling is 25% faster when used.
  • active skills: DOC Heal Drone – Spawns a drone for healing that can be used with your members
  • Ultimates: Care Package – Calls a drop that contains high quality items (purple items)

Lifeline is one heroes support best in Apex Legends in my opinion, because it’s the only one support capable heal or revive members easily. Every Lifeline skill is very useful and quite crucial for all your team members.

4. Pathfinder

  • passive skills: Insider Knowledge – Scan survey beacons to find the next ring position.
  • active skills: Grappling Hook – Releases a zipline to reach the destination
  • Ultimates: Zipline Gun – Issues a zipline for anyone to use

Pathfinder is heroes hard to beat if you master it skills well. Pathfinder is able to move around like Spider-Man by using Grappling Hook. You can take advantage of Pathfinder skills to escape or carry out maneuver attacks.

5. Wraiths

  • passive skills: Voices from the Void – Alerts you when enemies mark your location
  • active skills: Into the Void – Dodge all types of attacks in a short amount of time
  • Ultimates: Dimensional Rift – Connects two locations with a portal that lasts 60 seconds

Wraiths are heroes which is very “disturbing” especially when the ring is in very small conditions. Just imagine, ultimate skills Wraith is able to create a portal that connects two location points, which means the smaller the circle, the easier it will be for Wraith to create a portal to where you are.

6. Bangalore

  • passive skills: Doubletime – Runs faster when hit
  • active skills: Smoke Launcher – Fires smoke in a specified direction
  • Ultimates: Rolling Thunder – Summons an airstrike that slows down enemy movements around the attack area

Bangalore is heroes which is suitable for you who are aggressive in playing FPS (First-person Shooter) because it has the ability to dodge and attack in balance.

7. Caustics

  • passive skills: Nox Vision – Able to see inside poison gas areas
  • Active Skills: Nox Gas Trap – Places up to 6 canisters filled with poison gas which explode on contact or enemy fire
  • Ultimates: Nox Gas Grenade – Releases poison gas into the specified area

Caustic is heroes which is very ordinary terrible when in a closed room. Just imagine, a room full of reducing toxic smoke hit points and block your view. Of course the chances of survival are very small.

FYINox Gas Trap can be used as a door stopper Lol..

8. Mirages

  • passive skills: Encore! – Automatically issues helpers when knocked down for 5 seconds
  • active skills: Psyche Out – Issues a helper that can distract the enemy’s focus
  • Ultimates: Vanishing Act – Casts multiple decoys at the same time

Mirages have skills like Kage Bunshin no Jutsu Naruto’s style, where the resulting shadow is able to walk and often succeeds in attracting the enemy’s attention.

Mirage is more suitable for players who are familiar with the game mechanics of Apex Legends, because of all that skills Mirage is intended to distract or attract the attention of the enemy and not reduce hit points enemy.

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