8 Resident Evil Games You May Not Know Existed

The Resident Evil game seems to be a topic that is often discussed, especially the newest series, Resident Evil 2 Remake. Even the plan will be a series remakes of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis as well as the rumored Resident Evil 8 is also being developed by Capcom.

Did you know that there are actually a lot of Resident Evil game series that have been released? Resident Evil 1, 2, 3 to 7? Yes, it’s the Resident Evil series that people can guess.

In fact there is also a Resident Evil series aside from series 1 to 7. So, this time we will discuss the Resident Evil game series, which you might not even know that this game has existed and has ever been released. What Resident Evil series are they? Yes, let’s go straight check it out!

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1. Resident Evil Survivor Series

2. Resident Evil Gaiden
3. Resident Evil: Dead Aim
4. Resident Evil Outbreak
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Resident Evil Outbreak is back with gameplay Classic Resident Evil, that is fixed camera. What distinguishes this game is on line or can be played online multiplayer through an internet connection.

This game has 2 series, namely Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. Both can be played online multiplayer with a certain mode called scenario. Every time you finish scenario you will get cutscene which can be collected.

5. Resident Evil: Genesis

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Ever imagined a Resident Evil game in platforms java phone, like cellphone Nokia old school? Yep, this Genesis series is the Resident Evil series it is meant to be platforms java phones.

This Genesis series returns to the original storyline where the STARS group was trapped in a large house that became a virus development test laboratory.

At the beginning of the story you play as Jill Valentine and must solve the mystery in the house. Of course you will be presented with a variety puzzles typical Resident Evil.

6. Resident Evil: Degeneration

resident evil game

Still in mobile Platforms, Resident Evil: Degeneration is also one of the Resident Evil games available for mobile platforms especially the N-gage, a cell phone games made by Nokia.

Degeneration was released in 2008 and re-released in 2009 for platforms iOS. This game has gameplay which is exactly the same as Resident Evil 4.

You play as Leon Kennedy and accompanied by Claire Redfield in the game. Unfortunately Claire is not a playable character here.

7. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

resident evil game
Source: Giant Bomb

A special Resident Evil series reserved for platforms Nintendo 3DS. This series has gameplay which is exactly the same as Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5.

This series does not have a storyline but seems to contain minigames Mercenaries mode from Resident Evil 4 and 5. You have to exterminate various zombies before time runs out. The more zombies you can kill, the more score you get.

8. Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles

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Never played a game a game railshooter House of the Dead? Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles has gameplay which is exactly the same as the game.

The Darkside Chronicles series is exclusively for the Wii and PS3 consoles. You don’t need to move your character because your job is to play, just aim and shoot zombies. Your accuracy level is tested in this game.

Darkside Chronicles has 4 scenario which you can play.

Scenarios first ie Operation Javier about Leon and Krauser on a mission to find drug dealer Javier Hidalgo who is indicated to have a relationship with Umbrella Inc.

Scenarios second Memories of a Lost City namely retelling of the incident Raccoon City and meeting Leon and Claire in the city.

Scenarios third Game of Oblivion is a retelling of the Resident Evil CODE: Veronica series, in which Claire and Steve Burnside attempt to escape Rockfort Island after investigating Veronica’s virus development practices.

Scenarios fourth ie Krauser’s Hidden Story which tells about Krauser’s concern about paralysis of his hand. He was worried that he would be expelled from the military because of his paralysis.

Until the end of the story, he joins Wesker in the development of a virus where Krauser will get healing from his paralyzed hand.

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