5 Games Like Resident Evil For Those of You with Steel Guts!

As we know early 2023, Capcom has launched Resident Evil 2 remake which was welcomed by the fans and the gaming community.

Here’s a little information for those of you who don’t know, Resident Evil are games survival horror the series from year to year is getting cooler.

The series has been known to provide players with spooky and horror-themed experiences gameplay tense. Well, if you have successfully completed all the games Resident Evil and want to find other alternatives, then you can see these 5 recommendations!

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1. Left 4 Dead

games like resident evil
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Left 4 Dead is a game that has the same theme as Resident Evilthat is, against para zombies.

Left 4 Dead is an old school game that is quite fun to play with friends. You will face a crowd zombies the number of which is endless or witch with a terrible cry.

You can play Left 4 Dead with fashion single nor multiplayerand all of them are guaranteed to make you tense while walking down a dark alley with the zombies.

2. The Evil Within

Source: Game Insiders

Evil Within created by the same developer of the series Resident Evilso you don’t have to worry about the storyline, scary characters, or scary atmosphere!

If you like Resident Evil 4, then surely you will like this game too. Of course, this game is not suitable for those of you who have a tempestuous mentality!

3. Outlast

games like resident evil
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Games like Resident Evil next thing you can taste is Outlastwhere the tense atmosphere, characters and themes can make this game downright scary to play.

You will be placed in a complete mental hospital with a dark, tense atmosphere.

Different from Resident Evilwhere you will be equipped with firearms to eradicate the zombiesin Outlast the only way to survive is to run or hide.

4. Silent Hill

games like resident evil
Source: Game Insider

Speaking of graphics, Silent Hill maybe not the best from the list of games like Resident Evil This. But for the overall aspect this game is a worthy candidate.

This is a horror based game survivalas well as Resident Evilyou have to try to escape from your own apartment, and of course it’s not that simple.

This game made by Konami has a good story and elements of survival Silent Hill also very viscous just like Resident Evil.

5. Dying Light

games like resident evil
Source: dual shockers

Dying Light be a game zombies which has amazing graphics. There are aspects parkour embedded by the developers in this game that allows you to run faster to reach your goals and avoid pursuit zombies.

Have an open world (openworld) area, you are free to explore areas in the game, but there are always missions that you can complete.

Have game recommendations like Resident Evil other? Don’t hesitate to discuss via comments!

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