Dragon Marked for Death Review: Hunting Quest with Two-Dimensional Visuals

Dragon Marked for Death are games action two-dimensional by Inti Creates. They are developers who have made several titles in the series MegaMan. With this reputation, the expectations for a game released in early 2023 are clearly not small. Especially when introduced through trailersthis game promises a unique gaming experience with four different characters.

We finally got to try all the characters in this game. Here’s our assessment.

Four Characters, Four Playstyle


You can control one of four character choices, namely Empress, Warrior, Shinobi, and Witch. The four of them were members of the Dragonblood Clan, a clan that was wiped out by other kingdoms. Wanting revenge and saving a kidnapped clan lord, the four make a pact with astral beings for power.

To be able to find the kingdom they are after, these clan members must complete several missions. From there he will gain a reputation and get one step closer to revenge.

The premise of the story above as well as the storyline Dragon Marked for Death fairly normal. There is no storyline that is surprising or worth highlighting. Your character also can’t talk so he doesn’t have a specific personality. The same goes for other NPC characters. It’s a bit unfortunate because this game has cool visuals and character designs.


Which is really a highlight in Dragon Marked for Death is gameplayits varied. The four characters that you can play as have their own unique strengths. This means that the four characters have different ways of attacking, mobility, and of course playing styles. Each is also demanding mastery so you can use it effectively in the mission.

With these variations of characters, you should be able to find one character that fits your style of play. If you are the type of player who prefers to experiment and get bored quickly, you can change characters and get a different playing experience.

Multiple Missions


Not only the characters, the available missions are also quite diverse. You are not only asked to find and kill enemies. There are also missions where you have to look after important people, rescue hostages and find hidden treasures. Each has its own challenges so demanding approach and different preparations.

Each mission has different difficulty level options. In addition, the progress of each mission is also tied to the character. This means that if you play Empress and make it really strong, you can switch characters to Warrior without having to choose a mission that is too difficult. All you have to do is select the mission that matches the level of the Warrior character. Of course, the higher the mission difficulty, the greater the rewards.


The wide variety it makes Dragon Marked for Death never boring. There’s always a reason to play and complete a mission. You can play to try new missions, try old missions with a higher level of difficulty, or just level up your character.

The only thing that might be lacking is that these four characters are separated into two different game packages. You can get each of the Frontline Fighters and Advanced Attacker packages for US$15. If you want to have all four characters, you have to pay US$30. But unless you want to play all the characters, only having two characters will not limit your experience playing with them.

More People More Fun


I have all four characters in Dragon Marked for Death and try each character’s play style. I can pass the initial mission quite easily with any character. But when the existing missions start to vary, some missions start to feel different balance.

Initially, some missions can be tricked even though I have to struggle with certain characters. But there are several sessions in a mission that feel unfair. For example, there are missions that will be very easy if your character has high mobility. Then there is also a mission where you have to save four people who are being held hostage and are about to be killed. Alone, I can only save a maximum of two people.

In short, some level or mission design in Dragon Marked for Death feels not balance. Either you need more than one player, or there are sections of the level that only certain characters can access. This makes you feel frustrated when playing certain missions with certain characters.


The rating is valid if Dragon Marked for Death seen as a game single player action platformer style MegaMan. Will remain Dragon Marked for Death is not a game you should ideally play alone. This game is more like a series Monster Hunter where you take on a mission with a team and have to prepare yourself for each mission. The difference is that in this game your character is two-dimensional.

It means Dragon Marked for Death it’s ideally suited to be played with other people, and this game has two features for that. You can play with your friends or play with strangers for free on line.

With the help of other players and characters, the mission you carry out becomes much easier. Challenges that feel impossible can be overcome because there are other characters that can cover your weaknesses. Indirectly all missions also no longer make you feel frustrated and more exciting.


If played alone, Dragon Marked for Death are games action two dimensional with gameplay which is quite exciting with varying levels but often frustrating. But if played with full party four people, this feeling of “frustration” is gone and I guarantee you will get an exciting playing experience. Plus you

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