7 New Nintendo Switch Games This Month (March 2023)

After the Nintendo Direct last February, there are even more games that will be released on the Nintendo Switch. Some of these games will also be released this March, along with other games that were not highlighted.

Here are our seven recommended new Nintendo Switch games for March 2023.

RBI Baseball 19 (5 March 2023)


One more game for those of you who like sports games. This month exists RBI Baseball 19. As the title implies, in this game you play baseball using the official teams and players from the American MLB league this season.

You can get RBI Baseball for US$29.99

The Caligula Effect: Overdose (12 March 2023)

JPRG Games The Caligula Effect: Overdose finally coming to the Nintendo Switch this March. Build your best team to finish off the enemies in the system turn-based combat to get out of the virtual world called Mobius.

You can get The Caligula Effect: Overdose for US$49.99

Fate/Extella Link (19 March 2023)


In Fate/Extella Linkyou will control several characters servant from series anime Fate. Your task is more or less simple, kill tens or even hundreds of enemies with your strength.

You can get Fate/Extella Link for US$49.99

Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! (20 March 2023)

One of the games introduced at the Nintendo Direct in February 2023 was Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! Enjoy an RPG adventure with a cute and colorful Chocobo.

Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! You can get it for US$ 39.99

Unravel Two (22 March 2023)

Games puzzles famous Unravel Two finally released this March. You can play with one of your friends to think and work together to solve various kinds puzzles special.

You can get Unravel Two for US$19.99

Final Fantasy VII (26 March 2023)

Besides Final Fantasy IXanother game from the series FinalFantasy that was announced FinalFantasy. This month you can finally return to enjoying the adventures of Cloud Strife and his friends in Midgard.

You can get Final Fantasy VII for US$15.99

Yoshi’s Crafted World (29 March 2023)

One game that has been announced for a long time and has been eagerly awaited is Yoshi’s Crafted World. Yup, finally the Nintendo Switch has a special game for Yoshi, where he will do various things in a colorful world. If you’re not sure you can buy this game, you can also try the demo before it’s release.

You can get Yoshi’s Crafted World for US$ 59.99

There are many more new Nintendo Switch games that will be released this March 2023. You can see it on Nintendo’s official eShop page.

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