Nintendo Introduces Newest Pokemon Game, Pokemon Sword/Shield

Last February 27 Nintendo held Pokemon Direct. Just like his name, events This presentation looks at what’s new about Nintendo’s Pokemon series in the coming months.

Only one piece of news was announced, namely a new game for the next generation named Pokemon Sword/Shield.

Just like any new Pokemon game in general, Pokemon Sword/Shield of course will introduce the character, regionsand of course new Pokemon.

regions which will be your adventure in Pokemon Sword/Shield named Gallar. Judging from the available video, regions it has many regions with different climates. Not only that, the various regions also look wider, spaciousand looks beautiful.


There are only three new Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Direct, that is three starter which you will choose at the beginning of the adventure. They are Grookey (grass type), Scorbunny (fire type), and Sobble (watertype).


It’s a shame that other than their main type, we don’t know what their evolutionary form or type combinations are like (if any). Let’s just hope we get a different unique type from starter previous generation.

Pokemon Sword/Shield will be released for the Nintendo Switch at the end of 2023 simultaneously worldwide. There is little hint that there will be more news throughout 2023, but no details beyond that.

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