Basic Guide to Playing PUBG Mobile So You Can Be Good at it!

PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) has become one of the games of its genre battle royale which is currently loved by gamers in the world. Besides offering gameplay interesting and fun, this game can be available for iOS and Android, which means almost anyone can try it for free!

For those of you who have just tried PUBG Mobile Of course it is not easy to immediately understand the mechanism of a good and efficient way of survival.

So, on this occasion, Gimbot wants to share a basic PUBG guide Mobileso that you can quickly understand the overall game mechanics and in the end quickly become good at it!

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1. Landing at an Unfavorable Spot

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In PUBGM, the first strategy that you should think about before picking up your weapon or even before landing on the ground is to choose a good landing spot.

There are two factors that play a role in the decision to choose a good landing spot, the first is a fully loaded building loot and the second that everyone also wants to take loot and try to kill you immediately.

Becoming “Rambo” in a survival game like this is not a wise decision. Try to avoid the most popular landing spots that might be filled with enemies and choose a quieter one, so you can survive longer!

2. Prioritize Loot

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The first priority you should do immediately after landing is looking for a weapon or equipment as much as possible.

If you followed our first tip for choosing a “quiet visitor” landing spot, then you can start looting more safely, although still you must always remain vigilant.

Weapons are always the top priority, next is body armor And healing items to keep you afloat while in the crossfire.

After looting, you can start to think about which weapon is most suitable to use. PUBGM has features auto loot which is quite useful for new players.

3. Take advantage of the Auto Feature

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Playing games action on the touch screen for some gamers it can feel strange, but PUBG Mobile has several convenient automatic features to make playing easier.

Some of the auto features that you can take advantage of are:

  • Auto Sprints: This icon will appear when you run at full speed. Just place it on top of it with your finger and let go to keep running without having to hold it down.
  • Free Look: This handy feature that PUBG’s competitors lack, ie Fortnite, where you can drag the eye icon just below the map to look around your surroundings. This serves to look around without changing direction.
  • Auto Loot: This feature allows your character to take only important items, such as rare scopes, weapons, armorand many other important items.

4. Invite Friends to Play Together

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Source: zilliongamer

If you always lose in mode free for allmaybe you can consider inviting friends to play together, especially if you can invite friends who really can be teamed up with.

5. Take Time To View Settings

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PUBGM has several setting options that players often don’t pay attention to. Even though with a little adjustment to the settings can provide more benefits for you to achieve “chicken dinner”.

An example would be if the game feels slow or lagconsider reducing the graphics quality and increasing the settings FPS higher, so the game runs smoother.

Maybe this will result in a bad appearance in the game, but after all, winning is still better even though the game graphics are meager.

6. Sharpen the Sense of Hearing

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source: malavida

In PUBG Mobile, hearing is the key to victory. Without disturbing background music, you have to rely on your ears to detect enemy positions through their movements or the sound of their shots.

7. Be Aggressive

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Source: gamecreate

If you are used to playing PUBG on PC or Xbox, you may be used to the cautious style where you will focus more on strategies for hiding, finding the right position, or more carefully looking around.

But this style does not apply when we talk about mobile games, because the controls will be less precise and accuracy will be more difficult.

This means it’s not that easy to do knock on enemies, so in PUBG Mobile attack can be the best form of defense, never panic and start being aggressive if attacked by enemies!

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