Apex Legends Guide – Tips on Using Bangalore aka Professional Soldier

Bangalore was born into a military family where he, his parents, and his four older brothers all served in the IMC Armed Forces. Since he was young, his talent to become a formidable military soldier has been seen.

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Bangalore won top class at the IMC Military Academy and is the only cadet who can disassemble a Peacekeeper weapon, equip it with a Precision Choke and reassemble it in less than twenty seconds with their eyes closed.

Real name from Bangalore is Anita Williams. Three years ago, Anita and her brother Jackson were ordered to take over a fleet of mercenaries from the Outlands to help equip the IMC against the Militia.

However, their unit loses contact with IMC HQ and is ambushed by the enemy which throws the troop’s formation into disarray. But Jackson stayed behind to give his younger sister time to escape.

Alone and with no way home, Anita decides to work and join the Apex Games to raise money to return to the IMC base. He always looked forward to being reunited with his family.

If you are new to play Apex Legendsyou can use Bangalore characters as initial characters who have a balance in attack and defense.

His ability to throw smoke bombs to defend, summon airstrikes to attack, and his fast movements make him one of the toughest S-rank characters.

Then, how to maximize the attacks and defense abilities of this Bangalore character? Check out the following review which will give you guides and tips on how to play Bangalore well.

Passive Ability – Double Time

This ability will allow Bangalore to run and move faster for a short period of time.

Use it for surprise attacks and escape

If you feel confident to push towards the enemy even though their squad is complete, activate this ability to make a surprise attack. Or if you are pressed, use this ability to escape.

Improve the Fire Fight Survival experience

Running speed and movement when attacking will increase your experience in doing so Fire Fight Survival or survive a barrage of enemy fire from all directions. So that you become more responsive when there is a sudden attack from the enemy.

This ability is inactive if you are not running

Note, to activate this ability, you must first run while firing a weapon. If you are being shot and your character is standing still, this ability will not activate.

Tactical Ability – Smoke Launcher

This tactical capability allows Bangalore to fire two highly concentrated smoke canisters with high explosive power.

Duration: 15s | Cooldown: 33s

Use it to defend and take cover

There are times squad you were suddenly attacked. Use this smoke to obscure the enemy’s view so they can’t aim at you properly.

Use it when you want to boot Death Box and revive friends

Usually the Death Box is out in the open. To minimize incoming enemy attacks, use this smoke to cover the location of the Death Box and do it looting immediately. Also use it when you want to revive your current friend knocked down.

Has no effect on Bloodhound

Note, this smoke will have no effect on Ultimate Ability Bloodhound’s could still see in the smoke. Digital Threat items can also see in smoke, so be on the lookout.

Ultimate Ability – Rolling Thunder

This super ability allows Bangalore to summon an artillery attack in the form of a large number of rocket explosions that make the enemy run slower.

Charge Time: 270s | Damage: 40s | Duration: 5s | Delay after flare: 2s | Detonation Time: 8s

Activate to finish off the enemy

If you are carrying out a sudden attack or are under pressure, activate this ability to launch the ultimate attack so that you can finish off many enemies at once.

Push the enemy out to their safe zone

With a wide area of ​​attack coverage, these rocket explosions can be launched to force the enemy to move out of their safe zone or hideout. If they get hit, throw a grenade immediately or aim for the head.

Cannot attack enemies inside buildings

This ability can only attack enemies in an open area. If the last enemy is inside the building and the Ring has shrunk, Bangalore’s super ability becomes unprofitable.

Those are the guides and tips for maximizing Bangalore characters in Apex Legends. How many enemies have you killed and how much damage have you dealt with your abilities?

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