These 7 Cool Nintendo Switch Games from Ubisoft are Discounting Up to 67%

Since February 28, Nintendo has held the Ubisoft Publisher Sale. Just like his name, events This discount offers discounts for various kinds of games from publishers Ubisoft.

Here are seven games from the Ubisoft Publisher Sale that you deserve. Don’t be late because this discount is only valid until March 14, 2023

Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle (US$19.79 US$59.99)

In Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle, your kingdom was suddenly invaded by Rabbids, rabbit-like animals who like to make a mess. Together with four Rabbids defending the truth, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi must go through various puzzlesfights, and enemies to restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas (US$29.99 US$59.99)

Fox McCloud and squad space animalsits back on duty! With several choices of planes, pilots, and weapons, your mission this time is to free the Atlas Star System from the threat of Grax and The Forgotten Legion. The trick, of course, is to defeat a giant alien monster with a space fighter.

Legendary Fishing (US$14.99 US$29.99)

I think something needs to be explained about this one game. As the name implies, deep Legendary Fishing You have to fish and catch a variety of fish. Don’t worry, this game gives you several challenges and is guaranteed not to bore you like fishing in the real world.

Just Dance 2023 ($19.99 US$39.99)

If dancing and dancing is your thing, this is the time to get it Just Dance 2023. This latest installment in the Just Dance series has tons of new songs and moves that you can enjoy while moving your body.

Rayman Legends Definitive Edition (US$15.99 US$39.99)

Rayman is one of the series that gives experience platforming which is quite challenging. If that wasn’t enough, deep Rayman Legends Definitive Edition you can play together with your friends or have a “football” match in Kung Foot mode.

Monopoly for Nintendo Switch (US$15.99 US$39.99)

Find out how lucky and expert you are in managing in-game resources Monopoly. If you live alone or don’t have much time to play board gameyou can play on line and use fashion games which is shorter.

Child of Light (US$9.99 US$19.99)

Child of Light it’s just one game Platformer RPGs normal two dimensions. But the visuals presented by this game are stunning. Coupled with evocative themes and fantasy stories, you are guaranteed to get a unique experience from this game.

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