Apex Legends Guide – Tips on Using the Wraith aka Interdimensional Skirmisher

The Wraith is a natural warrior capable of fast and deadly attacks and manipulating time and space to open dimensional portals.

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It all started years ago when he woke up in an IMC Detention Facility and lost his memory. This facility itself is specifically for people affected by Mentally Ill or mental disorders.

Since then, he always heard a voice whispering in his head that kept him awake for days. Even though it nearly drives him mad, the voice helps him to harness his new powers.

This power is called The Void which allows Wraith to manipulate time and space which helps him escape from the facility.

Determined to reveal his true identity, Wraith begins to find out more about the facility’s experiments. As it turned out, a lot of old research warehouses were buried under the arena used for the Apex Games.

Finally, he joined and always entered the competition and with each match, he was getting closer to the truth.

If you are that type of player shooter who like to do fast attacks, Wraith is very well suited to be played on Apex Legends.

His ability to detect danger around you, disappear in an instant, and create two-way dimensional portals makes him a deadly enough character to carry out surprise attacks in the middle of a battle.

Well, how to maximize ability the void or the dimensional portal of this Wraith character? Check out the following review which will give you guides and tips on how to play Wraith well.

Passive Ability – Voices from the Void

This ability will emit a voice in your head that warns you when danger is approaching. This ability is very important to be able to know the position of the enemy quickly.

Know where the enemy is

This passive ability allows you to always be aware of enemy positions so you can notify your teammates immediately if an enemy is near you.

Tactical Ability – Into the Void

This tactical ability allows the Wraith to disappear in an instant into the void dimension of time and space.

Duration: 3s | Cooldown: 15s

Use it to attack suddenly

If you see an enemy’s position in front of you, use this ability to ambush them from behind so they don’t notice you.

Use it to escape if the fight is not profitable

This ability will also eliminate all damage shot by enemy weapons so if the fight is one-sided, use this ability to run away and wait for the right time to strike back.

Ultimate Ability – Dimensional Rift

This super ability allows Wraith to create two space and time dimensional portals for 60 seconds.

Charge Time: 150s | Portals Duration: 60s

Activate to lead the attack as a playmaker

If you want to ambush an enemy, try running ahead yourself first so they don’t notice and activate this super ability to create a dimensional portal location. So that your teammates can catch up from behind quickly.

Can be used by all players

Please note, this dimensional portal can be used by all players. If you use it to escape, make sure to keep an eye on the last portal in case the enemy tries to strike back.

That’s the guide and tips on maximizing the Wraith character in Apex Legends very effective for surprise attacks. How, how many enemies have you killed secretly?

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