50 Million Players in Just 28 Days

Apex Legends has never stopped making fantastic achievements. It’s still fresh in my mind when the number of Apex Legends players crossed 1 million in just 8 hours from the time of release. It didn’t stop there, within 1 week the number of Apex Legends players became 25 million!

This time, Apex Legends announced that this game has 50 million players in just 28 days! This figure is extraordinary considering that other battle royale games, such as Fortnite, take 100 days to reach 50 million players.

With amazing growth like this, it’s not impossible for Apex Legends to come close to Fortnite and PUBG. Currently Fortnite has around 200 million players and PUBG with around 400 million players.

Reaching 50 Million Players in a Month, Apex Legends Keeps Closer to Fortnite and PUBG
Source: Roundhill Investments

But keep in mind, both Fortnite and PUBG are available in various platforms such as PC, PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, up to smartphones. In contrast, Apex Legends is only available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One until this news is released.

Hmm.. Do you think Apex Legends can overtake Fortnite and PUBG or not?

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