Apex Legends Guide – Tips on Using Mirage aka Holographic Trickster

Mirage is an alias of Elliot Witt. He is the youngest of four siblings who likes to seek attention from people.

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One thing he took seriously in later life was the Holo-Pilot technology that allowed him to create illusions introduced by his mother’s engineer.

When his siblings went MIA during the Frontier War, Mirage and his mother continued to develop this holo technology device.

While working as a bartender to make ends meet, Mirage heard incredible stories from his customers about the Apex Games providing lots of prizes for the winners.

Mirage finally decided to take part in the Apex Games by bringing a holo technology device that had been perfected, allowing him to create illusions of himself as a trap for enemies.

If you are that type of player shooter who like to play with tricks or trick the enemy and make sudden attacks, Mirage is very well suited to be played on Apex Legends.

His ability to create self-illusion through decoy and disappear in an instant to trick the enemy through clone he made it into character with style trickster which is quite difficult for the enemy to kill him.

So, how do you maximize the illusion helper ability of this Mirage character? Check out the following review which will give you guides and tips on how to play Mirage well.

Passive Ability – Encore!

This ability will make Mirage automatically display decoy as bait for five seconds when knocked down which will make the enemy confused.

Duration: 5s

Fool the enemy when knocked down to stay safe

If you use Mirage and knocked down due to enemy attacks, this ability will keep Mirage safe for a while because decoy displayed will make the enemy think that you are actually not dead.

Tactical Ability – Psyche Out

This tactical ability allows Mirage to create the illusion of himself as a helper or decoy in a holographic form to confuse enemies.

Duration: 15s | Cooldown: 15s

Use it to confuse enemies

This ability can distract enemies so they will think that you are running, but it’s not.

Use to view enemy positions

When you’re being shot from behind, send it decoy this is what forces the enemy to shoot at him so you can know where the enemy is and ask your teammates to attack them.

Ultimate Ability – Vanishing Act

This super ability will make decoy in large quantities to distract the enemy.

Duration: 5s | Amount of Decoys: 5 | Charge Time: 150s

Use it to escape

If the battle situation is one-sided, activate this ability to leave multiple decoy as bait so that the enemy will shoot at him and you can escape by disappearing.

Those are the guides and tips for maximizing the Mirage character in Apex Legends which is very effective at distracting enemies so you can finish them off easily.

How, how many enemies have been deceived by decoy yours?

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